Mercante, Italian Dinner in Beijing

Beijing has quite a number of great Italian restaurant and Mercante, in my opinion, is one of the Italian restaurant in Beijing that whipped up great quality Italian food.

Mercante, Italian Restaurant
Mercante, Italian Restaurant


The restaurant is located near Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷). So after the walk at Guxiang, you can drop by for a meal. The restaurant itself is small, but feel very home-like. It has a pretty small selection in the menu, therefore it did not take me long to decide what I wanted. I ordered the Cheese and Spinach Ravioli and Tiramisu.

The pasta that was used to wrapped the cheese and spinach ravioli was soft and thin while the filling was full with a good balance in the amount of cheese versus spinach. This dish came pretty plain with no sauce over the ravioli except drizzle of oil, I was a little disappointed. I would very much prefer it with a sauce, maybe a cheese sauce or cream sauce. Nonetheless, it was still very delicious as the ingredient was fresh and of quality.

Mercante Cheese and Spinach Ravioli
Mercante Cheese and Spinach Ravioli

I would always order tiramisu if it is on the menu. The Tiramisu was rich and creamy, very tasty. I think by far, this was the best tiramisu I have tried. I was so tempted to order one more for takeaway. 😛

Mercante Tiramisu
Mercante Tiramisu

My only complaint about the restaurant was, it seems to have not enough of tax invoice (发票) to issue to the diners. I have problem getting my tax invoice (发票). So if you need an invoice, you may not want to come here.

My final verdict. The restaurant serves simple home-styled Italian food, nothing fancy, but food is tasty and fresh.

Reservation is strongly encouraged.



4 Fangzhuanchang Hutong (方砖厂胡同4号)

Tel:8402 5098

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 1800 to 2230; Sunday 1200 to 1500, 1800 to 2230

Getting There?

Line 6 and alight at Nanluoguxiang station (南锣鼓巷站). Walk towards Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷) and turn left into Heizhima Hutong (黑芝麻胡同). At the end of Heizhima Hutong (黑芝麻胡同), turn left into Nanxiawaizi Hutong (南下洼子胡同). On the right of Nanxiawazi Hutong (南下洼子胡同), you will find Fangzhuangchang Hutong (方砖厂胡同)。

Rating: 8/10


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