Waffles War at Maison Dandoy, Liege versus Brussels

There are two types of waffles served in Belgium. The Liege waffles or Brussels waffles. The Liege waffle tastes a little more chewy, more bread-like while the Brussels waffle is more crispy and hollow to the bite. The Liege waffle is a street snack in Brussels. Many shops along the streets are selling it either plain or with chocolate coating. Some served with whipped creams and fruits too. I like the Leige waffle better. We have our share of waffles from the shops along the street as well. One place which we tried both the Liege waffle and the Brussels waffle was at Maison Dandoy. It was said, this place served the best waffles in Brussels.

Maison Dandoy is a store, other than waffles, is famous for its cookies and its speciality, Pain à la Grecque (Greek bread). So if you are at the store, get some cookies and its speciality, the Greek bread to try.


Maison Dandoy Shop
Maison Dandoy Shop


Maison Dandoy
Rue Charles Buls 14 Tel: +32 2 512 65 88

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 0930 to 1900; Sunday 1030 to 1900

Getting There

A stone throw away from the Grand Place

Rating: 7.5/10


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