Hooked on Belgian Fries in Brussels

The first Belgian fries that we tried in Brussels, Belgium, was at a store near the Grand Place. It was fried till golden brown, and was piping hot and crispy. Delicious. Even my aunt enjoyed the fries very much. We decided that we needed for fries to satisfy our craving so our search for fries in Brussels began.

Maison Antoine founded in 1948 is a store specialised in Fries (frites in French for fries). It was known as the best fries in Brussels. At any time of the day, there is always a queue. We were at the store at about 3pm in the afternoon, there was long queue at its counter and you can see people sitting around the store enjoying the freshly fried fries.

Maison Antoine - French Fries Store
Maison Antoine – French Fries Store

The fries were thick-cut, crispy on the outside, soft in the inside, with strong potato taste. I prefer the thick-cut fries to the shoe-string fries. All fries were freshly fried and served.

Maison Antoine - French Fries
Maison Antoine – French Fries

The fries were served in two sizes, big or small. You can choose the various dips to enjoy together with your fries. I like my fries with mayonnaise and ketchup. The shop sells other snacks as well but most people were there because of the fries. One other way the Belgians enjoy the fries was to sandwich the fries in a hotdog bun. We did not try that but would give that a try the next time.

Maison Antoine - Menu
Maison Antoine – Menu








Maison Antoine

Place Jourdan, 1040 Etterbeek

Tel: +3222305456

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday 1130 to 0100; Friday to Saturday 1130 to 0200

Getting There

By Metro Line 1 or 5 to Schuman station, then take bus 60 along Rue Archimede.

Rating: 7.5/10


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