Marshmallow Tree, Tucked in a Quiet Sunset Neighbourhood, Telok Blangah

The Marshmallow Tree Cafe at Telok Blangah is not far away from the VivoCity Shopping Mall. It has a pretty accessible location as it is closed to the Circle Line Station and the bus stop. From either the bus stops or the MRT station to the cafe, there are covered walkways, no worries either rain or shine.

The Marshmallow Tree Cafe
The Marshmallow Tree Cafe

I like the idea of cafe in HDB estate, especially in the quiet mature estate.

What you see when you stepped into the cafe
What you will see when you stepped into the cafe

The decor is very homely. The ceiling is painted blue with patches of clouds while the floor is laid with patches of plastic grasses. The feel is that the cafe is out in the green, next to the wood.

It has a large communal table, in the form of a log, in the centre of the cafe which can seat about fourteen guests comfortably, good for large group. On the table, there it the iconic Marshmallow Tree. There are a numbers of cushioned-chair as well giving the cafe a comfy feel.

The marshmallow tree
The iconic marshmallow tree

I was looking at the cakes at the counter and spotted the lychee chocolate cake, I thought it was unique. At the same time, I wanted the chocolate caramel slice as well, a glutton displayed. The cafe served some sandwiches, quiches, cakes, muffins and macroons. Their best sellers are chocolate truffle and chocolate mint cakes.

The lychee chocolate has two distinct layers with lychee mousse on the top layer and the bottom being the chocolate truffle. I tried the lychee mousse first and felt that the lychee taste was very subtle, taste like citrus. The chocolate truffle was rich in chocolaty taste. No wonder both their best selling items were chocolate cakes. Next, I ate the lychee mousse together with the chocolate truffle. It was truly magic, the lychee taste was brought out and I could taste the fragrance of the lychee. It was an amazing combination. But somehow both the taste remained indepedently, they don’t blend together.

Lychee Chocolate Cake
Lychee Chocolate Cake

For the coffee, cappuccino, it is decent. It has a relatively good body. It tasted a little sour and a little bitter at the same time. The milk foam is a little cold. It would be great if they could have the foam and the coffee at the same temperature. Oh ya, and it is so thoughtful of them to accompany the coffee with a roasted marshmallow.


The food and coffee offered were decent, not great. I like especially the ambience and decor of the cafe. With the music playing in the background I felt very relaxing. In a nutshell, I like it.


My Order, from left to right: Lychee Chocolate Cake, Roasted Marshmallow and Cappuccino
My Order, from left to right: Lychee Chocolate Cake, Roasted Marshmallow and Cappuccino

The Marshmallow Tree

Block 46 Telok Blangah Drive #01-85 Singapore 100046
Tel: +65 9852 1210

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday 1200 to 2200; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 2200; Closed on Monday

Getting There

By MRT: Circle Line – Telok Blangah station

By Bus:
– alight at or opposite Telok Blangah MRT station along Telok Blangah Road- 10, 30, 57, 61, 93, 97, 97e, 100, 143, 166, 176, 188, 963;
– alight at Block 50 along Telok Blangah Drive – 124, 273

Rating: 7.5/10 (Marshmallow tree would get higher rating if they could make better coffee)


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