Bloomsbury Bakers in Bloomsbury Square of Singapore

It was Easter Sunday today. It was a time for celebration and I decided to pay Bloomsbury Bakers a visit.

Bloomsbury Bakery, BB
Bloomsbury Bakery, BB

Bloomsbury Bakers (BB) is not far from Boon Keng MRT station. It is about four minutes walk from the MRT station.

Bloomsbury Bakers
Bloomsbury Bakers

As I got into the bakery, I was drawn to two things; the paper pong-pongs and the black and white checkered floor. The furniture is a contrast to Audacious Cakery. They are black. The shop size is not big but it has a good ergonomics, leaving enough space for patrons to walk.

A cosy corner in Bloomsbury Bakers
A cosy corner in Bloomsbury Bakers

It is solely a bakery focusing on cakes. Bloomsbury Bakers has a good mix of mousse and non-mousse cakes. What I am delighted about BB is that they are offering my so called typical strawberry cakes; vanilla sponge cake with fresh cream and strawberries (If you have read my post on Audacious Cakery, you would understand this comment better).

Without any hesitation, I ordered the strawberry shortcake and as always, the Cappuccino.

There is a free croissant for every order of coffee. I started with the croissant. The croissant has a crispy flaky outer crust and a soft inner pastry. A sweetish and buttery taste can be tasted with every bites. I personally feel that it has a good balance of all characteristics of a croissant.

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake

After a few mouthful of croissant, I was anxious to try the strawberry shortcake. I tasted the fresh cream first, it was sweet, not overly and cream has pretty firm texture when you first put into your mouth and subsequently it melted in the mouth. Next, I tried the sponge cake alone. The sponge cake was spongy. Lastly, I ate the cake (cake and cream and strawberries together), it has a nice balance in the amount of cream, cake and strawberries and sweetness & sourness. The best part of the cake is the fresh cream, it was not overly abundant between the sponge cake. There are enough strawberries in between the layers.

My order from Bloomsbury Bakers, from left, clockwise: Strawberry Shortcake, Cappucino and Croissant
My order from Bloomsbury Bakers, from left, clockwise: Strawberry Shortcake, Cappucino and Croissant

Now comes the coffee. It is bitter and the bitterness lingers in the mouth. There is some aroma of coffee. Overall, the coffee was still acceptable.

Based on the croissant and strawberry shortcake I tried in Bloomsbury Bakers, the food baked in BB has a good balance of all characteristics as per food item. I believe they must have put in a lot of effort to find this great balance. It is not at either extreme ends; not extremely light nor extremely heavy. The shop is still pretty quiet even on Sunday, though there were customers coming in and out for takeaways, probably due to its location, in a neighbourhood. I like both the ambience and the bakes offerred by BB. If they could prefect that cup of coffee served, that would be prefect.

BB offered different variety of cakes daily. Their specialty is the Lychee Martini. If you prefer non-alcohol and rich cake, two of their recommendation are Opera and a Dark Choc Salted Caramel Mousse. To avoid disappointment, you may want to call BB or visit their Facebook page to find out what they have for the day before going down. BB is more of a bakery, not so much of a cafe. I suspect that BB strategy maybe to focus on their bake, focusing on what they are doing best. Nevertheless, I think it may not be a bad idea.


Bloomsbury Bakery (BB)
Block 30 Bendemeer Road #01-889 Singapore 330030
Tel: +65 6299 3450 / +65 9720 2779 / +65 9693 3743


Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday 1200 to 2000; Saturday – Sunday 1000 to 2000; Closed on Monday

Getting There

By MRT: North-East Line – Boon Keng station, Exit B

By Bus: alight at Boon Keng station along Serangoon Road or opposite Blk 28 along Bendemeer Road – 13, 23, 31, 64, 65, 66, 125, 133, 857, 985

Rating: 8/10 (for the quality of cakes and ambience of bakery)


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