Pierre Marcolini Lovely Colourful Macaroons

When we were at Pierre Marcolini, I was attracted by the colourful macaroons displayed over the counter. As a result I was tempted by these lovely sweets.


I am not a macaroon fan. But I find these macaroons though sweets but the cream tasted pretty natural. So still not too bad. My aunt and I, we shared the seven macaroons.

Holding a macaroons in my hand. Can't remember what flavour it is.
Holding a macaroons in my hand. Can’t remember what flavour it was.


Pierre Marcolini – Gallerie de la Reine
Gallerie de la reine 12, 1000 Brussels, Belguim
Tel: +32 2 502 35 67

Opening Hour

Daily 1000 to 0800

Getting There

By Tram: Line 3, 4, 31, 32 –┬áBourse Station

By Bus: N16, N18 –┬áPlace de la Bourse; 48, 95, N04, N05, N06, N08, N09, N10, N11 – Plattesteen

Rating: 7/10


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A gal who loves to travel and enjoy great food, who also love to take photos of the food and to share her finds

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