Children-Friendly Madam Patisserie

Madam Patisserie, at Boat Quay, located at the tourist belt is quiet in the afternoon of our visit. The shop is painted in turquoise, the logo and shop name are painted in black.

Shop-front of Madam Patisserie
Shop-front of Madam Patisserie

I could locate the shop easily but somehow, I overheard, some ladies sitting at the next table were lamenting on how difficult it was to find the place. So in any case, keep a lookout.

Entrance to Madam Patisserie
Entrance to Madam Patisserie

There are indoor seats and outdoor seats by the Singapore River. It was a hot afternoon so we chose to sit in the mild air-conditioned room. By the way, I went with my mom.

Al Fresco Dining by Singapore River
Al Fresco Dining by Singapore River

As I was browsing the menu, I saw the High Tea Set and was keen to try as I thought it was good for sharing.

Madam Patisserie Menu
Madam Patisserie Menu

The high tea set consists of scones (a plain and a raisins one) served with butter and various jams, sandwiches and cakes and with either coffee or tea. There were four kinds of sandwiches; cucumber, smoked salmon, smoked chicken and egg mayonnaise. For the cakes, there were also four; Vanilla dome (vanilla mousse with a lychee jelly in the centre), nutella tart, raspberry cheesecake and a lemon cake with blueberry.

High Tea Set -  Top tier, scones; middle tier, sandwiches; bottom tier, cakes and tart
High Tea Set – Top tier, scones; middle tier, sandwiches; bottom tier, cakes and tart

I ordered the high tea set with black coffee and a chocolate milkshakes for my Mom.

Indoor of Madam Patisserie
Indoor of Madam Patisserie

The food was great and my mom said the chocolate milkshakes was good too. It is a pity that I didn’t enjoy the coffee as I feel it was too acidic for my tastebuds.

Selection of food was wide. There was sandwiches, breakfast items, pasta, fingerfood, waffles and many more. The cakes were of a variety as well.

A small corner was set up for the children to play while the adults enjoy their food. It was very thoughtful of them.

Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls

Madam Patisserie is a children-friendly cafe with good food. I hope they will serve coffee that are less acidic and have a cooler air-condition for the indoor.


Madam Patisserie
76 Boat Quay Singapore 049864
Tel: +65 6536 7028


Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 0800 to 2300; Sunday 0800 to 2000

Getting There

By MRT: North-South line or East-West line – Raffles Place station

By Bus: alight at Boat Quay bus stop along South Bridge Road – 51, 61, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166, 174, 174e, 197, 851, 961

Rating: 8/10


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