Authentic Korean Food at HarbourFront Food Junction

Korean restaurants, Korean fast food restaurants, Korean food stalls have been springing up fast all over the island in Singapore. Just take HarbourFront for example, there are as many as five Korean stalls/restaurants in this area. With that many, I am still faithful to the Korean stall in HarbourFront Food Junction Food Court.

Korean Stall @ Food Junction HarbourFront
Korean Stall @ Food Junction HarbourFront

The stall is run by a Korean couple. Both are very soft-spoken and friendly. They are there for a number of years. My favourite Korean Food from that stall is Bibimpap. You can choose either chicken or beef. I always have beef. I tried the chicken once but still feel that beef taste better. If you like the hot

Bibimpap Beef
Bibimpap Beef

They have many other typical Korean Food items such as the ever popular Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, Saba Fish, Tofu Soup, just to name a few. All tasted very authentic and of course delicious. For each order, there are two side-dishes and a soup. One of the side-dishes has to be kimchi and the other is the tiny chilli tiny fish which I like to call it ikan bilis.

Bibimpap Set (Beef)
Bibimpap Set (Beef)

The prices are very reasonable as well. The Bibimpap is at $4.90 and you are getting short grain rice. Unlike some Japanese/Korean stall in the food court selling at a much higher price and you are get the long grain rice instead, not at all authentic. And it will taste very different with the long grain rice. If you prefer the hot stone ones, Dolsop Bibimpap, it is at $6.90. At such a price, you can still enjoy the cool indoor air-condition. What more can you ask for?

Korean Food Stall @ Food Junction, HarborFront
HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Road, #03-01/04 Singapore 099253

Opening Hours

Daily 1130 to 2130

Getting There

By MRT: Northeast and Circle line – HarbourFront station

By Bus: 10, 30, 30e, 57, 61, 65, 80, 97, 97e, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166, 197, 855, NR1, NR6, RWS8

Rating: 8/10

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