Cute Little Shrove Tuesday Cafe

Shrove Tuesday is a cafe in Toa Payoh selling ice cream and waffles. It was at the cafe then I found out that Shrove Tuesday is a day before Ash Wednesday. As a Catholic, this is something new. Maybe, that’s because it is not celebrated in Singapore. Harlow, how many Catholic in Singapore know about Shrove Tuesday? Please leave your reply in the comment. Anyway …

Shrove Cafe
Shrove Cafe

The feel of Shrove Tuesday is cute, a cute little cafe. Though it is a simple cafe but they have put together a number of different ornaments to create the cuteness.

I like the decor and the feel. But when it comes to the menu, not so. The cafe is more of an ice cream place more like Creamier than cafe per se. They serve some cakes, pastries and tarts too.

Order Counter
Order Counter

I didn’t feel like having waffles and ice cream so I settled for a Cappuccino and a strawberry rose velvet cake. The cake and coffee were mediocre. There was a bitter after taste for the coffee. Not much, just a little.

My order from Shrove Tuesday, from right to left: Cappuccino, Rose Velvet Cake
My order from Shrove Tuesday, from right to left: Cappuccino, Rose Velvet Cake

After all, it is still a nice hang out place. Unlike Creamier, you could sit comfortably. You can read my post on Creamier, another ice cream place in Toa Payoh by either clicking here or click on the word “Creamier


Shrove Tuesday
Blk 94 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01-32 Singapore 310094
Tel: +65 6258 2254


Opening Hours 

Sunday – Thursday 1000 to 2200; Friday -Saturday 1000 – 2300

Getting There

By MRT: North South line – Bradell station

By Bus: alight at bus stop at Jackson Square or at Blk 56 along Lorong 4 Toa Payoh – 28, 56, 73, 88, 105, 153, 155, 157,159, 163

– alight at bus stop at Toa Payoh Police Station, at Blk 202, opposite or at Bradell MRT station along Lorong 1 Toa Payoh – 59, 231, 232

Rating: 7/10




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