Soya Tart (aka Bean Curd Tart), One of My Favourite

The Soya Tart, some called it Bean Curd Tart for this dessert. Many will know about the Bean Curd Tart from LE Cafe Confectionery and Pastry. It is ashamed that not many places sell this delicious soya tart, but I know of one other place that sells this delicious soya tart.

Strangely, I do not like soya products such as the soya milk drink or bean curd very much but I love the soya tart.

This place  that sells soya tart, they bake only a handful each day. The soya tarts are only available after 12 pm and it is sold out by 3 pm. The soya tarts look very much like the egg tarts. The tart base is the biscuit kind, just like how LE Cafe make them. The custard that are fill the tart are made of soya bean. These soya tarts are simply irresistible. I love them. Luckily, I have my brother to get these soya tarts for me frequently. Otherwise, I would never able to enjoy these soya tarts.

The shop also sells other soya products like bean curd, soya drink, glutinous rice ball and some other drinks.


LetGo Cafe (乐口)

151 Chin Swee Road, Manhattan House, #01- 19 Singapore 169876

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 0730 to 1800; Saturday 0930 – 1300; Closed on Sundays

Getting There

By MRT: Northeast line – Chinatown station, East West line – Outram Park station

By Bus: 51, 143, 174, 186

Rating: 7/10



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