Indonesia Produced Chocolate, Cokelate Monggo, Better Than I Thought

My colleague was at Jakarta for a workout last week and this week he came back and bought us some chocolate that was produced in Indonesia, Cokelate Monggo.

Cokelat Monggo
Cokelat Monggo


Cokelate Monggo is produced in Yogyakarta. The cocoa beans used were Javanese, Celebes and Sumatran (sounded so much like coffee beans). The best part about the Monggo chocolate is there is no preservatives and the packing is made from recycled paper. This made the product green.

Cokelat Monggo Back Cover
Cokelat Monggo Back Cover

Without tasting the chocolate, I wouldn’t have imagined that chocolate produced in Indonesia would be that good. Nevertheless, I am not comparing with the Belgian chocolate. Its standard is as good as the Van Houten Chocolate and Cadbury.


Rating: 7/10



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