Red Bayberry, Yangmei (杨梅) In Season

The Red Bayberry, Myrica rubra, or commonly known in Chinese as Yangmei (扬梅) is in season now. This fruit usually is only available from late May or early Jun but since last year, it available since early May. This fruit is only available for about three to five weeks. You don’t get to eat it throughout the year. In addition, it is not readily available everywhere. One of the places I know you surely can find this fruit is at People’s Park.

These fruits are grown mainly in China. The mainland Chinese usually will soak these fruits in liquor.

Yangmei (扬梅), Red Bayberry
Yangmei (扬梅), Red Bayberry

The taste is sweet but some can be quite sour. It taste a little like strawberry but the texture is a little rough, not as smooth as the strawberry. Before eating, you must soak it in salt water to remove the insects. The traditional way of eating this fruit is to sprinkle some salt over the fruits, just like how you eat your fries.

As for the nutritious value, it is a good source of Vitamins C, dietary fibres, carotene and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Every time this year, we will be eating this fruit almost daily till the season ended as it is our family favourite fruit. My brother calls this fruit as the Chinese cherry.

If you are intetested to try, go down to fruit stalls at People’s Park to buy this fruit.


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