Views I saw in April/May 2014 In Singapore

Weeks ago, there was a birdie visited us. I don’t know what species it was but find it unique, not the common birdies that you find in Singapore. It gave off a very unique chirp as well. It was standing on our chilli plant for quite some time, until my keys “collided” and gave of a sound, scared off the birdie and it flew away. I took a number of photos of the birdie and these are three which I selected.

Recently, the flowers has been blooming in Singapore. Every other day, the different flowers will bloom. The lovely purple flowers in the park bloomed and attracted lots of bees.

In the park that I have my weekend morning exercise, there were a number of such trees, at least ten if not more. All of such trees were with flowers flourishing. It was a rare sight.

Small Yellow Flowers Blooming
Small Yellow Flowers Blooming

This cute little cat has been straying around one part of the park, we often see it when we passed by that area. My dad without failed will meow at the cat.

Cat in a Park
Cat in a Park

These are some of the views I saw recently.


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