Oblong Ice Cream Palour At Serangoon Garden, Singapore

Oblong.Ice.Cream palour has two outlets. One at Serangoon Garden, Maju Avenue to be exact and the other is at Balmoral Plaza.

I went to the outlet at Serangoon Garden, opposite the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre.

Number Tag
Number Tag

The design of the ice cream palour, “the dark side”. You will know what I mean when you visit the palour.

There were about ten flavours to choose from. I was contemplating between Milo is the Dinosaur and Lavender Earl Grey ice cream. I can’t remember what was the rest. Next, I was thinking if I wanted the waffle as I know that the red velvet waffle  was highly recommended.

Finally, I settled for the Red Velvet Waffle Combo. It has a waffle, single scooped of ice cream and a drink.  I chose Lavender Earl Grey for the ice cream and the tea.

Red Velvet Waffle with Lavender Earl Grey Ice Cream and Lavender Earl Grey Tea
Red Velvet Waffle with Lavender Earl Grey Ice Cream and Lavender Earl Grey Tea

I love the Red Velvet Waffle. The waffle was so soft and fluffy that melt in the mouth and it has such a crispy coat. The chocolate taste was very mild, custard cream was spreaded between the two decks of waffles. It was amazing that with the custard cream added, the waffle could be so delicious.

As for the ice cream, the texture was all right. The lavender was slightly stronger than the Earl Grey. After all, the ice cream was still not bad.

It is the waffle that I would die for. I am already missing the waffles. Certainly, I will return and this time, will bring my mother and perhaps my brother along if he wants to join us. As these days, my brother is always busy studying.

Conclusion, the waffle is a must try.



Oblong.Ice.Cream @ Serangoon Garden
10 Maju Avenue Singapore 556689

Opening Hours

Sundays – Thursdays 1200 to 0000; Fridays – Saturdays 1200 to 0200

Getting There

By Bus: alight at Serangoon Garden Circus – 73, 136, 315, 317

Rating: 8/10


Oblong.Ice.Cream @ Balmoral Plaza
271 Bukit Timah Road, Balmoral Plaza #B1-07 Singapore 259708

Opening Hours

Daily 1230 to 2200

Rating: 8/10


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      1. I see what your saying. Creaminess is always an important element to a nice scoop of ice cream whether soft or hard.

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