P. Bistro at Owen Road, Singapore, Dishing Delicious Food

Today, I have a great and enjoyable lunch at P. Bistro on Owen Road. P. Bistro is about 5 – 10 minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT station. I was once again on half day afternoon leave. Yippee! It was time for my hunt for great food again. It’s such a time that I am always looking forward to, especially after hard work in the office. Time to wind down and relax on my well deserved off.

A while ago I read about P. Bistro having great food and pastries. Ever since, I have set my mind to test it out. This was the day.

Cappuccino & Roast Chicken with Mushroom Sauce
Cappuccino & Roast Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

The verdict?! Food was extra yummy, very delicious, very flavourful and very fresh. There was quality cum quantity. Service crew was attentive, friendly and wam so is the owner.

Food Menu
Food Menu

I ordered the Roast Chicken with mushroom sauce. The chicken was well marinated. All the flavour were absorbed into the chicken. The meat was tender and juicy while the skin was crispy. The chicken portion was huge. The mushroom sauce was full of mushroom flavour and there were lots of mushroom slices in it too.

The cappuccino was decent. The noteworthy were the two cookies served with the cuppa. A Damiant, butter cookies with slight zesty orange flavour; very buttery, very yummy.  The other cookie is the Sables, a matcha butter cookie, great balance of butter and green tea flavour. I love the cookies, extremely delish.

P. Bistro occupied two levels. The design was comtemporary with wooden furniture. The owner John, a senior folk, was very chatty and friendly. We had a pretty long conversation.

From my observation, John and his staff were sincere in serving their customers. They knew most of the guests who patronised the bistro. I like such personalised service.

Koi Painting
Koi Painting

There is a painting with three koi hung in the bistro that I was attracted to. I can’t take my eyes of it. Ok, I know I am random and am diverting.

P. Bistro is definitely one which I strongly recommend, a must try. Great food, great service. I am going to bring my mom there soon to try their food.


P. Bistro
142 Owen Road Singapore 218941
Tel: +65 6392 2333

Opening Hours

Sundays, Tuesdays – Thursdays 1100 to 2200; Fridays – Saturdays 1100 to 2300; Closed on Mondays

Getting There

By MRT: Northeast line – Farrer Park station

By Bus: alight after Racecourse Road or at Kentish Lodge along Rangoon Road – 131

Rating: 8.5/10


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