Mount Lofty Summit, Adelaide, South Australia

Mount Lofty Summit is for the nature lovers. It is located in the Adelaide Hills. The peak is 710 metres above sea level. You can get to the lookout point to have a panoramic view of the city and towns. On a clear and blue sky day, you may see as Kangaroo Islands too. There are walking track around Mount Lofty, embark on the Henysen trail and pay a visit to Waterfall Gully.

Adelaide - Mount Lofty Summit

I took a bus from Adelaide City to Crafers Park & Ride to change to Bus 823 that will take me to Mount Lofty Summit. The bus arrive at the stop at some interval so I waited for quite a while. While waiting, I just look around and took some photos.

Crafters Park & Ride Bus Stop
Crafters Park & Ride Bus Stop

Bus 823 took about 10 – 15 min to get to Mount Lofty Summit. Along the way, there were a few stops. When I finally arrived at the Mount Lofty Summit bus, I was greeted with two signboards.

First of the two signboards was indicating the opening time of the Mount Lofty Summit Visitor Information Center and its Restaurant opening time. Mount Lofty Summit Visitor Information Center opens daily from 9am to 5pm. The Summit Restaurant opens from 9am to 5pm for Monday and Tuesday; 9am till late on Wednesday to Sunday. I don’t know till how late but I guess till the restaurant is empty.

Mount Lofty Summit Opening Hours
Mount Lofty Summit Opening Hours

Second signboard was informing visitors on the free guided walks available on every Thursday at 10.30am. If you are interested, take note and put it in your itinerary. Visitors are to gather at the Lower Car Park, Lampert Road, Piccadilly.

Mount Lofty Summit   Botanic Garden Information
Mount Lofty Summit Botanic Garden Information

Once you are at the summit lookout point, you will see a white column. This was originally used as an observation deck but was later used as a lighthouse.

Light House
Light House

I walked further and saw the walking track.

Walking Trail
Walking Trail

I didn’t get a good view as the sky was very cloudy. But vaguely, I could see Adelaide City.

View of Adelaide City
View of Adelaide City

I get the view of the Piccaddilly Town was can be seen from the side of the summit. I waited for quite sometime, hoping that the cloud will clear so that I get a better view. Unfortunately, luck was not with me that day. It didn’t clear till the afternoon.

View of Piccadilly Town
View of Piccadilly Town

I went during winter so it was pretty cold. I saw the thermometer on the summit showing 10 °C. Do bring along a jacket if you are going on either winter or autumn.


Mount Lofty Summit

Mount Lofty Summit

How to get there?

By Bus: From Adelaide City, 865, alight at Crafters Park & Ride, change to 823.

When to go?

All time except Winter. During winter, it rains and the probability of not getting a clear sky is high. If you are keen to track, the track will be slippery and is dangerous.

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Mount Lofty Summit 


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