Pho Stop At Tanjong Pagar Singapore, Modern Vietnamese Looking

Pho Stop has shifted its location though still within Tanjong Pagar. Previously it was located at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road and now at No. 72. Strangely, I have never noticed them when they were its initial address

The shop does not have a sign so you may passed by it without notice. The restaurant is in two contrast colours, blue versus red.

No Smoking Sign in Vietnamese
No Smoking Sign in Vietnamese

I saw a “No Smoking” sign in Vietnamese, interesting.

Pho Stop Menu
Pho Stop Menu

My order was Ice Plum Lime Soda and the Sliced Beef with Beef Ball Pho. I love Ice Plum Soda drink as always. It is a bit sweetish, sourish and briny. The serving of the Pho was pretty huge. Each slice of beef was very thinly sliced and the thickness was unvarying. I wondered if these were machine-sliced or manually sliced. The beef ball was bouncy. The broth was rich and flavourful with beef but somehow I think they added lots of MSG. I am usually not sensitive to MSG and I don’t get thirsty if a little amount was added but this round, I felt very thirsty about 30 minutes after my meal.

My Order, Plum Lime Soda & Sliced Beef and Beef Ball Pho
My Order, Plum Lime Soda & Sliced Beef and Beef Ball Pho



Pho Stop
72 Tanjong Pagar Road Level 1 & 2 Singapore 088493
Tel: +65 6534 8178


Opening Hours

Mondays – Thursdays 1130 to 2200; Fridays – Saturdays 1130 to 2300; Closed on Sundays

Getting There

By MRT: North-South Line -Tanjong Pagar station

By Bus: alight at the bus stop either before Wallich Road or after Craig Road along Tanjong Pagar Road – 80, 145

Rating: 6.5/10


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