Whittaker’s Chocolates from New Zealand, Milk Strawberry

Whittaker’s chocolate has been in New Zealand since 1896. The first time I tried Whittaker’s chocolate was the Whittaker Coconut Block. I love it.

I recently tried the Whittaker Milk Strawberry. It contains 33% cocoa. The center of each cube of milk chocolate contains strawberry filling.

Whittaker Milk Strawberry Chocolate
Whittaker Milk Strawberry Chocolate

The Whittaker Milk Strawberry Chocolate is wrapped in a very sweet pink colour foil. On the front of the pack has a strawberry image. This strawberry image is taken by the MRI scan. Every purchase of the Whittaker Milk Strawberry Chocolate, twenty cents was contributed to New Zealand Breast Cancer Fund.

Taste-wise, the strawberry chocolate as a whole is not extremely sweet. The sweetness was just right for me. The chocolate did not taste too milky, it still taste pretty chocolaty. As for the strawberry filling, it was not too sour. There was a good balance of strawberry cream and chocolate. The proportion of chocolate and strawberry was also just at the right amount. I enjoy each piece, very much.

I am not too if Candy Empire in Singapore sells the Whtittaker Milk Strawberry, though they carry some Whittaker’s chocolates. This bar of Whittaker chocolate was a gift from someone visited New Zealand. I will check it out at Candy Empire soon.


Rating: 7.5/10


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