Brawn and Brains At Former Singapore Badminton Hall, Near Geylang

I have been wanting to check out Brawn & Brains. Finally, I made it today.

Brawn & Brains Cafe is located at former Singapore Badminton Hall along Guillermard Road. It is pretty small in size.

Cafe Front
Cafe Front

The decor of the cafe is pretty simple with a number of artistic photographs on the walls. The furniture are really simple, only stools.


The menu is simple too. It serves mainly coffee and some other beverages options, sandwiches and a few cakes and pastries.

I am fond of Earl Grey so I odered the Earl Grey slice and my favourite beverage.

There were two types of coffee beans to choose from. I chose the Brazil which according to the bean menu, its characteristics is dark chocolate, nutty and creamy. I feel that the coffee was above average, not too bad. I tasted a bitter chocolate hint, low acidity and full body. I felt it tasted better when the coffee gets cold and I tasted bittersweet chocolate with nutty hint.

Types of coffee beans available
Types of coffee beans available

The shape of the Earl Grey Slice whole cake was in a ring shape which reminded me of the butter cake that my mom used to bake, feel nostalgic. The Earl Grey Slice was frangrant and soft but I don’t taste Earl Grey, instead there was some critus hint. It was a tasty slice of cake though.

Beans Info
Beans Info

I learned something new in the cafe; to make a cup of espresso it requires about forty two beans. Interesting fact.

Brawn & Brain is a simple cafe with relatively cheap coffee, at $3.50 a cup of Cappuccino. So if you need to get your caffeine craving fixed, this is a great place.


Brawn & Brains
100 Guillemard Road #01-07 Singapore 399718
Tel: +65 9771 1610


Opening Hours

Tuesdays -Sundays 0930 to 1930; Closed on Mondays

Getting There

By Bus: alight after or before Singapore Badminton Association along Guillemard Road – 7, 70, 70M, 197

Rating: 7.5/10


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