The Fat Cat Bistro At Holland Village, Singapore, Serving Three Different Cuisines

My lunch today was at The Fat Cat Bistro at Holland Village, though my original plan was to lunch at the newly open Three Buns by The Potato Head folks along Keong Saik Street, that serves the most talked about in town burgers. This was due to one of our colleague was moving back to India, one of them decided to give him a last treat for lunch before he headed back to India and I was asked along. And so I agreed to the invitation. My colleague found out that our Indian colleague have never been to Holland Village while he was in Singapore for the past two years.

The Fat Cat Bistro Front
The Fat Cat Bistro Front

As we were roaming around Holland Village, we stumbled upon The Fat Cat, serving Indian, Thai and Western Cuisine and our Indian colleague chose The Fat Cat as it was serving Indian food. It was a wise choice regarding food, no regret on the food, something, not so pleasant happen though.

The Fat Cat Bistro Interior
The Fat Cat Bistro Interior

The interior of The Fat Cat Bistro is cosy though simple.

Set Lunch Menu
Set Lunch Menu

They were serving set lunch. There were two options, two courses (one starter and one main) and three courses (two starter and one main). There were a few choices for both the starter and main. The three of us opted for the two courses set lunch. As I was interested to try all the starter, I suggested that we each order one different starter. They agreed.

Mantra Chicken Wing
Mantra Chicken Wing

We ended having the Mantra Chicken, Thai Spring Roll and Mushroom Soup as starter. By the way, the Mantra Chicken comes in a pair of wings, but you are seeing only one in the photo as one dropped into my warm water (which they charging 50 cents). The water splashed all over the table and onto me. The staff was apologetic though. She reached out to the nearest piece of serviette, that was on the next table, and started wiping off the water. Instead of wiping the water away from me, she wiped towards me and the water started dripping off from the table and onto my dress. I made a noise and she was oblivious toward it. Sigh. Luckily, it was plain water and not anything like like red wine. It would have been a disaster and I would have been very upset. And next, very quickly, she removed the cup of water and then she forgotten to bring me a new cup of warm water and I have to walk to her and remind her. Another sigh.

Thai Spring Roll
Thai Spring Roll

So much so for the incident, back to the food. The Mantra Chicken was very tasty and crispy. Excellent.

Mushroom Soup
Mushroom Soup

The spring roll though delicious, especially the sauce. It was sweet and sour, spicy and briny. The but here is, it wasn’t well fried. The one that I ate the skin of the spring roll was filled with oil.

As for the Mushroom soup, very mushroomy. I mean lots of finely chopped mushrooms and flavour. It was not too creamy, more on the soupy side.

Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken

Both my two colleagues ordered the Butter Chicken with basmati rice. I tasted the butter chicken too. It was delicious too. The butter chicken was a lighter version from the one served in the usual Indian restaurant. Surprisingly, my Indian colleague loved it. I thought he would find it a little too light for his palate.

Minced Chicken with Basil & Jasmine Rice
Minced Chicken with Basil & Jasmine Rice

I ordered something different from them. I ordered the Minced Chicken with Basil & Jasmine Rice. The minced chicken has a good amount of basil flavour. The first few spoonful of minced chicken that I took, I find that the spiciness level was still pretty acceptable. The more I ate, the spiciness built up in the mouth and soon I found myself tearing. So my advice for eating this dish is to go really slow and for those who don’t have high spice tolerance, either avoid this dish or ask for less spicy.  One other reason why I like the dish was it was fried with some greens, long beans.

We were glad that our Indian colleague enjoyed the food very much. Thanks to my other colleague for the treat despite a minor incident. Oh ya, I think they didn’t waive off my warm water as a way to offer the apology. All these, in my opinion, indicate the service level they are providing.

Our verdict, great food. My additional comment, there are still rooms for improvement for their service.


The Fat Cat
17D Lorong Liput Singapore 277731
Tel: +65 6465 1107


Opening Hours

Tuesdays – Thursdays & Sundays 1200 to 1430, 1730 to 2330;
Fridays – Saturdays 1200 to 1430, 1730 to 0030; Closed on Monday

Getting There

By MRT: Circle line – Holland Village

By Bus:
– alight at Blk 12 or at Holland Village MRT station along Holland Avenue 48, 61, 95, 106, 970
– alight at or opposite Holland Village along Holland Road 7, 61, 75, 77, 95, 165, 970

Rating: 7/10


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2 thoughts on “The Fat Cat Bistro At Holland Village, Singapore, Serving Three Different Cuisines”

  1. Dear Michelle thank you for your feedback! I do apologise for our staff’s lack of initiative in offering you some form of compensation for the unfortunate mishap. Do come back again and we’ll be happy to offer you a complimentary drink of your choice!
    Gina Kunalan
    Managing Partner, The Fat Cat Bistro

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