Three Buns By The Potato Head Folk At Keong Saik Street Singapore

I was pretty geared up to enjoy a great meal at Three Buns By the Potato Head Folk at Keong Saik Street this morning. Both the weather and mood was good and sunny and at the restaurant …  read on to find out more.

Entrance to the Stairs leading to the second and third floor
Entrance to the Stairs leading to the second and third floor

Three Buns by Potato Head Folk has much advertisement by various food blogs before it finally opened its door on 6 June, Friday. Anticipation was built by the day. I was extremely excited and eager to try. In fact, I planned to have lunch there on Friday. It was a day delayed from my plan.

Full View of Potato Head Folk Building
Full View of Potato Head Folk Building

On the facebook of Potato Head Folk and all other food blog stated that the opening time is 11am. I reached at about 11.15am and was informed that Three buns opened only at 12pm. 45 minutes to 12pm and so I have to hang around the area. I was already a bit upset. Anyway, still looking forward to the award winning burger though.

Opening Hours on Facebook
Opening Hours on Facebook

Potato Head Folk took over the Tong Ah Kopitiam space. The first floor and second floor occupied by Three Buns; the ground floor is where the kitchen and the Al Fresco seats are.

First Floor Al Fresco Seat
First Floor Al Fresco Seat

If you are looking for indoor seats, head up to the second floor where the restaurant is. While the third and rooftop are occupied by the bar.

Second Floor Restaurant
Second Floor Restaurant

As I stepped into the entrance of the stairs, I was mesmerized by the drawing on the wall. It was so lovely and I find it cute too.

Wall Painting along the stairs
Wall Painting along the stairs

When I reached the second floor, I was surprised by the lively ambience. The artist must have taken lots of effort and pain in all the designs and drawing. I love them all.

Three Buns Menu
Three Buns Menu

The service crew took painstaking effort to introduce me to the menu, recommending me their signature burgers and drinks. And highlighting to me that the Bionic Tonic (a lemongrass drink) was not available. More disappointment added till this far as I was keen on having the lemongrass drink as the rest either I don’t like it due to the ingredients used such as cinnamons and ginger or I shouldn’t have it, such as lemon and orange (sour and is bad for my gastric reflux). I make do nevertheless, having an open mind, so I ordered a Ginger Ninja to try.

Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja

They served me a wrong drink. At the first sip, I felt that it was tasteless, I was expecting to taste strong ginger scent since it was Ginger “Ninja”. The crew after a few delayed minutes somehow realized that they served me a wrong drink. What they served me was Green Tea. I told them I drank it. Initially they left it behind for me but then they somehow, not sure why, they asked if I wanted. I didn’t want the drink but I didn’t mind them leaving it behind for me. Since they asked, I said, “No, they can have it.”

The Ginger Ninja has a good amount of ginger taste and spiciness. So for those who don’t enjoy ginger at all, should avoid this drink. I am not a ginger fan, but still pretty acceptable to me.

The cosy area
The cosy area

I was in a very greedy mood, knowing that I probably won’t finish the burger alone, but I still went ahead to order a side, the Naughty Fries. I thought to myself, I could have it taken away for my brother to try, killing two birds with one stone.

Personally, I felt that the condiment in the burgers such as the mayo & the sauce and the pickles were overwhelming, it was too much. I am one who love sauces but I still find it too much and masked the beefy taste. I could only taste the condiments, though I could sense the texture of the beef through the chewing. The burger bun was soft and fluffy, that was good. So it may be a good idea to asked for the sauces and the pickles by the side, especially for those who love naturally food taste.

My Order, Naughty Fries & Baby Huey
My Order, Naughty Fries & Baby Huey

The naughty fries was great. The parsley, the spring onions, shallots and sesame seeds added lots of fragrance and flavour to the beef. It was perfect. It went extremely well with the potato. The potato seems like the freshly sliced and fried type, not the frozen kind. I could taste a good amount of potato taste.

The portion was too huge for me so I cut a third of the burger and left the rest untouched. As for the fries, I ate half and left the remaining half untouched as well. With so much of quality food left, it would be ashamed and wasteful to have it dumped into the bin and so I asked for a takeaway. To my ardent horror, they threw it away. Again, not sure why they realized that after a pretty long while, that I actually asked for a take away and not asked for it to be removed from my table. A lady came forward, I suppose she is the restaurant manager, to inform about the misfortune incident due to a miscommunication. Instead of packing it for me to have it taken away, they threw it away. I started to fume inside me but still showing calm on the outside. Then the supposed restaurant manager, her body language indicated that she wasn’t apologetic at all, that’s my sense. She offered to give me a new order of fries but that’s not the point. What about my two third untouched burger? I told her I didn’t want the fries. This was because what I really wanted was the burger. She never once mentioned that she will replace my two thrid portion of the burger. Instead she offered to give A LITTLE discount. I stress again, A LITTLE discount and yes it is A LITTLE.

After she was done with the swiping of my credit card and came forward with the receipt, she highlighted that it was as a goodwill that she gave me a 10% discount. After I made the payment, very quickly she turned her back at me and walked away, without a last apology offered. I was really very disappointed and upset. As I saw her going round the restaurant, stopping by at tables to ask for feedback earlier and now due to some not so nice incident, she did this. It was so extreme in behaviour. With such as body language indicated, I didn’t bother to argue my point with her as I was neither in the mood to. Moreover I was fuming, didn’t want to act badly but at the same time, I really wanted them to know my thought and feel too.

A ten percent discount of the bill. Ten percent value is equivalent to $3.60 versus the value of the two third burger which is $13.33 which do you think is more? It is very obvious isn’t it? It’s simple maths. Oh ya, don’t forget I got half the fries as well, that is $4.50. A total of closed to $18 versus a $3.60 discount. I rather the mistake or the miscommunication not happened and I have the burger and the fries. I can’t help but feel that I was made to pay for the mistake they made.

The food-wise was considerably good, ambience was nice but the service was not so. Whatever happen, happened, I won’t be back yelling at the lady nor at the crew. To the crew, I hope he would have this lesson learned. To the lady, I hope she would reflect and see where and what she could have done better. I really think they could have done a much better job in the service recovery.

Personally, these days I don’t see many restaurants doing well in this aspect. Nevertheless, I have a very good experience with Goodwood Park Hotel. I was very pleased with the way they managed and handled the situation back then and I would like to commend them. As a way of apology, they gave me a box of 20 pieces of durian puffs, an apology note, spoke to me over the phone and they sent their Assistant Director (if I remember correctly) to deliver it to me. And not forgetting to apology personally as well. I really think Goodwood Park did an excellent job in service recovery. Ever since, I have been going back to Goodwood Park Hotel regularly, especially for their Durian cakes and pastries.

Sorry for the diverting, back to where we were. Many a times, we won’t be able to differentiate good and great service. It is only through such incident and how the service team reacted to the service recovery separate the good and the great.

One incident after another; from the incorrect information of opening hours to the unavailability of a drink and finally the unfortunate incident, what could I say more?!  Perhaps, I am just down on my luck. In fact, two days in a row, something not so nice happened during my lunch at two different restaurants. You can read my entry for the first incident here, at The Fat Cat.


Three Buns Burgers & Cocktails
36 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089143
Tel: +65 6327 1939

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sundays 1200 to 0000

Getting There

By MRT: Northeast and North-South Line, Outram Park Station

By Bus:

alight before the Pinnacle @ Duxton along Neil Road – 61, 166, 197;

alight at Pearl’s Center along Eu Tong Seng – 54, 124, 143, 147, 166, 190, 851, 970, CT8, CT18, CT28

alight opp Pearl’s Center along New Bridge Road – 2, 12, 33, 54, 63, 124, 143, 147, 190, 851, 961, 961C, 970, CT8, CT18, CT28

Rating: 6.5/10


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