The Popular Hot Pot in Beijing China

Donglaishun Hot Pot (乐来顺) is a very famous hot pot shop in Beijing. It is Halal, good news for our Muslim friends.

Donglaishun Hot Pot Restaurant
Donglaishun Hot Pot Restaurant

Hot pot is an extremely popular food in China, which is enjoyed all year round but it is extremely popular during Autumn and Winter season. As you eat, you are seated at a boiling pot of soup and it will keep you warm.

Basically, the soup is contained in the Hot Pot and it boiling throughout while you eat. You will put in vegetables, meat, mushrooms, tofu, different type of beancurd skins into the boiling soup to cooked. When it is cooked, pick out the food and eat with or without sauces.

Hot Pot with boiling soup
Hot Pot with boiling soup

How do you order your Hot Pot? Firstly, you need to choose the type of Hot Pot. If I remember correctly, there are three types to choose from. The first is a normal looking hot pot which is silver in colour which is the cheapest and the second one is the one you see in the photo with same design and the third is ine with exquisite looking design hot pot. This is the most expensive one.

Hot pot Vegetarians Ingredients
Hot pot Vegetarians Ingredients

Next, you choose the ingredients, sauces and not forgetting the soup. When served, start “cooking” and enjoyed.

It is 1.4km away from the Hongqiao Pearl Market and opposite the Tiantan, so you can plan to drop by for lunch or dinner after or between the visits, kill three birds with one stone.


Donglaisun Hot Pot (东来顺)

91 Tiantan Rd, Dongcheng, Beijing, China, 100050 中国北京市北京东城区天坛路91号 Tel: 01067016992

Opening Hours

Daily 1100 to 0930 (Kitchen is closed between 1400 and 1800, so there is no cooked food, only hot pot is available during this period)

Getting There

By Bus: Alight at the bus stop before the North Entrance of Tiantan – 6,35,707,110,106 By Subway: Line 5 – Tiantandongmen station (天坛东门站)

Rating: 7.5/10


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