Luk Lam (绿林甜品) At Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

As I was exploring Sham Shui Po, I saw a number of desserts shops, I decided to check it out Luk Lam (绿林甜品). Luk Lam was almost full house. But lucky I found myself a seat, near the door but that was fine.

Lok Lam Desserts Interior
Lok Lam Desserts Interior

I kind of know what I wanted. It was going to be as usual, but I was interested to find out what else they offer in Luk Lam Desserts. Most of which are the standard fare. But one kind of stand out as I have not seen previously. It is pudding with oreo crumbles. Anyway, I didn’t order that as I wasn’t keen in oreo.

I went ahead to order my mango dessert with mango pudding (杨枝甘露 + 芒果布丁) It was good. The dessert was not very sweet, just nice for me. There was lots of sago. The pudding was like jelly and was smooth, quite a few mango dices. Most importantly, I could taste the mango. The best part was, there isn’t any ice in added but it was still cold and the dessert will not be be diluted.


The price of the dessert is still reasonable as it was considerably a big bowl with decent amount of mango. I will return for more and will want to try some of their traditional desserts.


Luk Lam Desserts (绿林甜品)
77-79 Yun Street, Sham Shui Po
Tel: +852 2361 4205

Opening Hours

Daily 1500 – 0130

Getting There

By MTR: Sham Shui Po

Rating: 8/10


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