Hing Kee Claypot Rice Restaurant , Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Hing Kee Restaurant at Temple Street serves a wide variety of claypot rice. They have a big “empire” in Yau Ma Tei. There are 3 shops in Temple Street and 1 shop in Arthur Street.

Outdoor Seat
Outdoor Seat

Besides serving claypoy rice, there are others dishes such as vegetables, seafood, noodles, congee, soup and they serve vegetarian food too.

I ordered a Chicken and Chicken Sausage Claypot Rice and a Fried Oyster Pancake. The Fried Oyster Pancake was not salty at all so I drizzled some Fish Sauce over the Pancake. The pancake was thick and has lots of spring onions added that resulted in a flavourful pancake. The amount of oysters added were pretty generous too.

Fried Oyster Omelette
Fried Oyster Pancake

The claypot rice was a portion meant to serve one person. It was served plain, no sauce added. Only plain cooked rice, chicken and sausage. You will need to drizzle the sauces into the claypot rice.

Chicken and Chicken Sausage Claypot Rice
Chicken and Chicken Sausage Claypot Rice

The must add sauce is the red sauce. This sauce is a bit sweetish. It is this sauce that make the claypot rice tasted special and extra yummy. I added some of the dark sauce too.

I like the chicken very much. It was so smooth but didn’t like the chinese chicken sausage as I find it too fatty though delicious. There were so many dices of fat in the sausage.

Sauces for Claypot Rice
Sauces for Claypot Rice

It was a great dinner. I enjoyed both the Fried Oyster Pancake and the Claypot Rice.


Hing Kee Claypot Rice Restaurant (兴记煲仔饭)
G/F, 14, 19, 21 Temple Street & 48 Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei
油麻地廟街14, 19, 21號 及鴉打街48號

Opening Hours

Daily 1800 to 0100

Getting There

By MTR: Yau Ma Tei (Exit C)

Rating: 8/10


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