Views I saw in May/June 2014 In Singapore

Sighting the chameleon. Chameleon blend in very well with the environment, so well till usually it is not easy to spot them. I didn’t notice this chameleon but my Dad did. When it noticed that it was sighted, it tried to run away fast.


The most talked about in town now is the swallowtail moth. I finally got sight of it too.

Swallowtail Moth
Swallowtail Moth

There were quite a lot of the small flowers, about 5 mm, growing either on the grass or out of the slit between the tiles. But these I took were from the grasses.

It seems that not only the number of Swallowtail moth increased but also the butterfly. I spotted more than usual.

Orange Butterfly
Orange Butterfly

And the lovely reddish clouds in June.

Reddish Clouds
Reddish Clouds

What a beautiful May and June in Singapore.


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