Best Two Dumplings Restaurants in Beijing

If you are going to Beijing and would want to have some dumpling (饺子), you must patronise Bao Yuan Dumpling Restaurant and Xian Lao Man Dumpling Restaurant. These two dumpling restaurants served the best dumplings in Beijing.


Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu (宝源饺子屋)

North of 6 Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6586 4967

Opening Hours: Daily 1100 to 2200

Bao Yuan Dumpling Restaurant serves many different filling for dumpling such as vegetables only, meat only, with preserved vegetables, mixture and many more.

The dumpling skin is usually in cream colour but in Bao Yuan, they make it colourful by adding vegetable’s colouring. This make the dumplings look more appetising. There is small additional charges for the coloured skin dumpling.

Colourful Skin Dumpling
Colourful Skin Dumpling

Getting There

By Subway: Line 10 – Agricultural Exhibition Centre station (农业展览馆站)

Rating: 7.5/10



Xian Lao Man Dumpling Restaurant


No 252, Andingmen Nei Dajie, Dongcheng district
Tel: 6497 2097

Opening Hours: Daily

There are a number of Xian Lao Man Dumpling Restaurants in Beijing. I went to the Andingmen outlet.

Xian Lao Man Dumpling Restaurant (馅老满饺子店)
Xian Lao Man Dumpling Restaurant (馅老满饺子店)

The dumplings served in Xian Lao Man is mainly meat dumpling. They also serve many side dishes for diners to accompany with their dumpling.


Getting There

By Subway: Line 2 – Andingmen station (安定门站)

Rating: 8.5/10




Personally, I find Xian Lao Man the best. I would highly recommend Xian Lao Man to all.



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