A Day At The Magnificent Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

There are two attractions in Australia I always wanted to visit; the Blue Mountains and the twelve apostles. I have yet visited the twelve apostles though been to Melbourne a number of times. I will make sure I get to visit it in my next trip to Melbourne. At least I managed to go Blue Mountains.

I went to the Blue Mountains with a colleague who have migrated to Melbourne. As she has been to the Blue Mountains so I need not do my homework this round. She shall be my guide. ūüôā

Blue Mountains National Park
Blue Mountains National Park

We took a train from Sydney and alight at Katoomba. It was a pretty long trip, it took almost three hours to get to the Blue Mountains. We knew that the ride is going to be long so we woke up at about six and we reached the Blue Mountains at ten plus.

The entire day was mainly on our feet. At the end of the day, it was very tiring. Our first stop at the Blue Mountains was at the cascade. It was beautiful. The surroundings looked very much like the rainforest.

As we walked further, we finally get a view of the Blue Mountains. It is indeed blue.  I was curious why the blue mountains blue so I looked up the website and understand that the blue mountains has a dense eucalypts and the dispersed droplets of Eucalypt oil when combined with water vapour and dust particles scattered refracted rays of blue lights. Among the Eycalyptus trees, I saw some unique straight green trees.

When we were around the Katoomba falls, we spotted some ducklings. A bigger duck was at the lead and smaller ducklings followed closely behind. It’s very like a mother duck leading the children with her.

The highlight of the blue mountains was the three sisters around the Echo Point. According to an Aboriginal tales, there were three sisters,¬†‘Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and Gunnedoo’, were turned into stones by a witchdoctor to protect them from the harm of three brothers who wanted to take the three sisters for themselves by force.¬†

We visited the Elysian Rock and the Gordon Fall before heading for Leura Village.

There was a number of shops, including a candy shop, some pastry and cakes shop, cafe, restaurants and many more. We didn’t have time to visit them all as we need to spend the next many hours¬†on train ride to get back to Sydney.

Leura Station
Leura Station

We walked towards Leura train station to board the train back to Sydney. It was a tiring but a worthwhile trip. My suggestion is that to spend a night at the Blue Mountains before heading to your next destination. This will be less tiring.


The Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

How to get there?

By Car – Drive from Sydney via Parramatta and entered by Glenbrook/Lapstone.

By Train РBoard the train from Sydney and alight at station Glenbrook, Springwood, Hazelbrook, Wentworth Falls, Mount Victoria, Lithgow, Leura or Katoomba depending on which part of the Blue Mountains you want to visit. We alighted at Katoomba.

When to go?

Anytime of the year. If you doesn’t like the cold, then avoid July to September.

Link to check out before you go:

Blue Mountains Australia

Transport Sydney Trains


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