Cafe Deco Bar & Grill At Victoria Peak Hong Kong, Good Food and Great View

I was at Cafe Deco perched at the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong with the project team for a team dinner. It was a relaxed evening with great food, great company and some night view of Hong Kong from the Victoria Peak.

At the start of the dinner, I ordered a non alcoholic drink, the Mango Crush. Due to my past experience of Mango drink, I was expecting the drink to be sweet but it was not. It was sour and I couldn’t taste the mango. The drink was a disappointment.

Mango Crush
Mango Crush

The dinner organizer was thoughtful to order some appertizers for sharing. It helps to ease our hunger a little while waiting for our main course. The Lahsun Naan was garlicky and has a good amount of herbs. There were four different dips to choose from for the Naan. Some of the dips were lighter in taste while others were stronger. It was tasty.

The other appertizer was the Himalayan Momos. They certainly look very much like the Xiao Long Bao. In fact, I mistaken it for Xiao Long Bao until my first bite. It taste rather different. Both has meat as filling but the Momos has an extra flavours which tasted like some herbs were added. I find the taste a little strange at first. Subsequently, I was quite used to it and I find it not too bad.

As at the same table, some of my colleagues ordered different main course, we were delighted to share our food. The Cep Mushroom Ravoli, Sage and Toasted Nut Butter tasted pretty nutty, kind of interesting though.

The Masala Dosa is a vegetarian dish with lots of curry potato as the filling. Nothing special.

The Teppanyaki Veggie Sushi Roll is another vegetarian dish. The sushi is considered quite good.

Lastly was the 10oz Pasture-fed NZ Prime Steer Tenderloin, that was my main. The beef steak tasted pretty natural. Though a pinch of coarse salt was sprinkled onto the top, it didn’t taste salty at all. I would pretty if they could add a little more salt and pepper while grilling to bring out more flavour.

It was a pity that they didn’t order dessert for sharing. It was a great evening with lots of food, like a tasting session and great company. We took some quite a lot of photos and some video using an apps. It was an enjoyable evening.


Cafe Deco Bar & Grill
Level 1 & 2, The Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2849 5111

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday 1100 to 2300; Friday and Saturday 1100 to 2330

Getting There

By Peak Tram: Walk to the Peak Tram station from Central MTR station

By Bus: Shuttle bus No. 15 at the Central, near Ferry Pier 5 to The Peak

By Mini Bus: Minibus No. 1 Central(Two IFC) to The Peak

By Taxi

Rating: 7.5/10


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A gal who loves to travel and enjoy great food, who also love to take photos of the food and to share her finds

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