Cafe 8 By The Nesbitt Centre At Ferry Pier 8, Central, Hong Kong

Cafe 8 is a cafe by the Nesbitt Centre. For more information about the Nesbitt Centre, click here. It was located at the rooftop of Ferry Pier 8, or rather above the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

Cafe 8 Interior
Cafe 8 Interior

The cafe has a feel of a cruise ship, somehow. All the furnitures were white, including the tables and chairs. They have all armchairs in the cafe except two of the tables that have a view of the Financial District Skyscappers in Central and a glimpse of Victoria Peak, instead the chairs used at these two tables were simple non-cushioned black chairs.

Cafe 8 serves a very wide range of beverages, including alcoholic drinks. The food served was extensive too. There was vegetarian option, pastry, quiche, salad, pies, sandwiches, muffin, cakes tarts and more.

As I was not very hungry, after so much food in the morning, so I opted for a salad. Moreover, I have very little greens for the week. It was time to replenish with more greens and fibre.

When the coffee served without Latte Art these days, I would feel a little disappointed. The coffee was decent not great. I enjoyed the salad very much. There was abundant of shredded cheese and generous amount of parma ham and eggs. the salad dressing was delicious too.

My Order at Cafe 8, Cafe 8 Salad and Cappuccino
My Order at Cafe 8, Cafe 8 Salad and Cappuccino

For a nice view, with decent coffee and delicious salad, Cafe 8 is the place to relax and spend some quiet time. It offers free WiFi too.


Cafe 8
Roof Level & Podium, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Central Ferry Pier No. 8, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3791 2158

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 0900 to 1800; Saturday – Sunday 1000 to 1900

Getting There

By MTR: Hong Kong or Central (Exit A)

Rating: 7.5/10


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