Cat And The Fiddle, Online Cheesecake Store

Cat And The Fiddle is an online cake shop specialising in Cheesecake or rather baking only Cheesecake.

I got to know about Cat And The Fiddle through my friend’s post in Facebook with a comment “Cheap and Good”. And it got me tempted to find out how good.

This Cheesecake speciality online store has eleven plus one flavours of Cheesecake. The plus one is because not available at the moment yet. Cat And The Fiddle has a special “cake” which makes up of 10 slices of different flavours. Good for customers like me who wants to try the different flavours.

Oops. I have let the cat out of the bag, so I suppose you must have guessed correctly which cake I have ordered. Of course, it must have been the Fickle Feline.

Fickle Feline (10 different flavours cheesecakes)
Fickle Feline (10 different flavours cheesecakes)

The packaging is simple, nothing fanciful. I suppose this is good so consumers do not have to “pay” for the packaging.

The order process is very simple. Decide on which cake you want. Go to the website, click here, to order and pay via Paypal or Credit card. You can choose to self collect at either their head office at Kampong Ampat or at Mojito Ventures located at The Central, or request for delivery to your doorstep. All except self collection at their head office has an additional fee. I chose to self-collect at The Central.

Something interesting about Cat And The Fiddle, you can purchase adds on such as stencil and tags to decorate the cake yourself. If you need candles and cutleries, you can purchase from them too.

Each flavour has a very interesting name.

Lastly, the most important question. “How’s the taste of the cheesecake?” Very yummy is my first response. The first slice I tried was the Sweet and Smokey Taffy (Salted Caramel). I enjoyed it very much. The cheesecake has a nice cheese flavour and a good amount of caramel and salt. There is a thin layer of caramel spread on the top of the cheesecake. Some might find this layer a little too sweet but I find it still acceptable. It has a good amount of biscuit base at the bottom of the cheesecake.


1.   Sicilian Wild Cat – Tiramisu

Sicilian Wild Cat
Sicilian Wild Cat

The Sicilian Wild Cat has a good amount of Espresso and Marsala. It was an excellent Tiramisu.


2.   Sweet and Smokey Taffy – Salted Caramel

Sweet And Smokey Taffy (Salted Caramel Cheese Cake)
Sweet And Smokey Taffy (Salted Caramel Cheese Cake)


3.   Paws of Fury – Ceylon Tea and Espresso Coffee

Paws of Fury
Paws of Fury

Paws of Fury has two layers; one layers with espresso flavour at the bottom while the top is the ceylon tea flavour. The ceylon tea flavour taste was stronger initially and subsequently, both espresso and ceylon tea flavour bland together and finally the espresso flavour overpowered the tea flavour. Very interesting.


4.   The Russian Whiskers – Mango and Vodka

The Russian Whiskers (Mango and Vodka Cheesecake)
The Russian Whiskers (Mango and Vodka Cheesecake)


5.   Over the Moon – Classic Cheesecake

Over The Moon (New York Cheesecake)
Over The Moon (New York Cheesecake)


6.   Caribbean Surfari – Pina Colada

Caribbean Surfari
Caribbean Surfari 

It tasted very much like Pina Colada. It is a fruity refreshing piece of Cheesecake. The Caribbean Surfari has the lightest cheese taste among the other flavour. It is good for people who does not like strong cheese taste.


7.   Queen of Hearts – Strawberry

Queen of Hearts (Strawberry Cheesecake)
Queen of Hearts (Strawberry Cheesecake)


8.   The Emperor’s Romance – Lychee Martini

The Emperor's Romance
The Emperor’s Romance

I like the Emperor’s Romance, lychee martini cheesecake very much. The fist bite, it WoW me. It has a good balance of lychee and martini. Very importantly, the lychee flavour was strong enough to be tasted. It was a sweet lovely lychee taste. And it blended surprisingly so well with the cheese. There were some lychee fruits added into the cake, giving a crunchy texture. It was heavenly.


9.   The Modern Duke’s Pudding – Oreo


10. Maneki Neko – Lemon, Lime, Yuzu

Maneki Neko
Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko has two layers. The bottom layer is a lemon baked cheesecake while the top layer is Yuzu non baked cheesecake, I think with lime. With the two different citrus fruity and different cheesecake gave a refreshing taste and feel. It has a very slight sourish hint, more sweet than sour and it has a good amount of Yuzu flavour.


11. King Cat of the Mountain – Durian

12. Milo Dinosaurs – Milo (coming soon)


Final Verdict: Everyone in the family tried at least a piece, except my mom, all agreed that it was great. And very note worthily was that all the flavours were of the highest quality in terms of taste. Highly recommended for all Cheesecake lover out that.


Cat And The Fiddle

Rating: 9/10


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