The Hideout, An Ice Cream Palour, At Cassia Crescent, Singapore

The Hideout is an Ice Cream Palour at Cassia Crescent, with neighbours like Maple and Market. An addition to this used to be quiet estate. I am sure it is a welcome addition.

I saw some photos of The Hideout ice creams and waffle from a friend’s FB post and was excited to try them out ASAP. Since I have some time today so this is the day.

Ice Cream Palour Front
Ice Cream Palour Front

The Hideout though an ice cream palour, it has some potato chips and breakfast items and various beverages too.

The Menu Board
The Menu Board

I was very focused only on the ice cream and nothing else.

Ice Cream Selection
Ice Cream Selection

After trying a few flavours, I settled for a double scoop of Salted Caramel and Green Matcha Ice Cream.

My Order, Salted Caramel and Green Tea
My Order, Salted Caramel and Green Tea

The ice cream has a good amount of creaminess and it is very smooth and milky. Good for those who love milky stuff. Unfortunately, the Green Matcha ice cream has some icy crystals so it wasn’t too good. Strangely, a sweet taste linger in the mouth instead of the flavour of the ice cream. Not sure why is this so.

Comparatively to other local ice cream palour, I think The Hideout is a little not so competitive in terms of ice cream taste. I certainly hope to see a little uniqueness coming from The Hideout too.


The Hideout
Block 32 Cassia Crescent #01-50 Singapore 390032
Tel: +65 9756 7781


Opening Hours

Wednesday – Monday 1200 to 2200; Closed on Tuesday

Getting There

By MRT: Circle line – Dakota or Mountbatten

By Bus: alight at Blk 22 or Blk 39 along Old Airport Road – 10, 13, 16, 30, 31, 32, 33, 401

Rating: 6.5/10


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