Three Hands Coffee At Binjai Park (Moved)

I have lunch at Three Hands Coffee at Binjai Park after lots of activities in the morning. Woke up as early as 5.15 am to send my aunt off to the airport, had breakfast at our usual spot in the airport and then went straight to church for a recollection. Finally, I have some time for myself to gear down, relax and enjoy some good food.

Banner Outside Shop
Banner Outside Shop

Three Hands Coffee could be easily missed as there isn’t an obvious sign board. Look out for the banner shown in the photo, placed outside the shop.

It shares the same shop space with Taberna Wine Academy with Three Hands operating in the day while Taberna operates in the night.

When I entered into the cafe through the door by the side, I was attracted by the row of green cushion seats by the side. The green was contrasted with some orange cushions. The bright colours enlivened the atmosphere of the cafe and it brightened my mood too.

Coffee Menu
Coffee Menu

I saw lots of Oriole Coffee Roaster Coffee packs in the cafe so I suppose they are using Oriole. The cafe serves some ham and cheese croissants, smoked salmon sandwich and salad, pastries and cakes. These were narrated by the service crew as they only have a set of menu and it happened to be with the guests. As I heard smoked salmon, something I couldn’t resist so decision was easy.

So my lunch was a Smoked Salmon Sandwich and Cappuccino. There was lots of greens in the sandwich. The smoked salmon was sandwiched between a ciabatta and was served with some chips. The coffee was good too. It has a low acidity, round body and a good aroma. It has a nutty, chocolate flavour and there was a slight hint of caramel.

Rainbow Cake, Complimentary
Rainbow Cake, Complimentary

Three Hands Coffee was in a generous mood, they gave the diners a slice of complimentary Rainbow Cake. I have my share of a free slice too. The xake was soft and moist. Each layer of different colour gave a different fruity flavour. I tasted orange, strawberry, bitter lime. There was a thin spread of cheese frosting between the layers and it was finished with a thick layer of fresh whipped cream on the cake. It was a very tasty cake. It tasted extra yummy maybe because it was free. Lol. X)

Three Hands Coffee has a quiet, pleasant ambience as it is in a quiet estate. The cafe is great for spending time alone or with friends. The service was friendly and warm. Food was good and coffee was great.


Three Hands Coffee
17 Binjai Park Singapore 589825
Tel: +65 6762 5570

Opening Hours

Daily 0900 to 1700

Getting There

By Bus: alight at The Nexus or opposite The Nexus along Dunearn Road 66, 67, 74, 77, 151, 154, 157, 170, 171, 174, 852, 961, 970

Rating: 7/10


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