Farm To Table Cafe At Duxton Road, Nice

Farm To Table Cafe at Duxton Road is a cafe within the Duxton Hotel. The outside of the cafe looks classy and elegant but once you stepped inside the cafe, you will feel it is cosy and not intimidating.

A View of the Cafe
A View of the Cafe

The cafe has simple wooden tables and chairs with some plastics chairs too which are widely spaced. I saw only one sofa seat hidden at a cosy corner of the cafe after I have settled comfortably in my seat. I will go for that corner the next time I visit the cafe.

Communal Table
Communal Table

It has a large communal table, I think it could seat about ten to twelve diners, good for group. The cafe is good for hanging out with friends over a cuppa or just to relax and let your hair down.

It has a very focused food menu with breakfast items and other which is known as the All Day Menu. Though the menu is comparatively small, it has an extensive selection. You can to find a burger, a sandwich, a steak, a fish and a pasta dish. You find almost every category of food.

For Drinks, it has the standard coffee menu and they have a wide range of wine served. Great for those who wants to chill out with a little alcohol especially after work. Not forgetting desserts, my favourite part of the menu. It is kept simple with only cakes, fruit salad and ice cream.

My Breakfast, Breakfast Plate & Cappuccino
My Breakfast, Breakfast Plate & Cappuccino

Since I was there for breakfast, naturally, I turned to the Breakfast Plate. The Breakfast Plate has eggs, bacon, salad and toast. It has a very smiley presentation. It was so lovely. It put a smile on my face when it was served to me. What a great way to start the day. The bread tasted a little like sourdough and a little like dark rye. I am not too sure as I ate a little faster than usual, was a little hungry. 😛 I like the salad very much. The tomato was slight grilled. This brings out the sweetness of the tomato. The salad dressing was just enough to give the green a coat and what was more noticeable was the salad was sprinkle with fine salt and pepper, very equally distributed through the salad. With both the pepper and salt, the salad tasted even better, it bring the flavour of the salad to another level. The whole dish was prepared and presented with lots of passion and thoughts. This is one of the best breakfast I have.

Beautiful Latte Art of Swan
Beautiful Latte Art of Swan

Farm To Table has by far, in my view, the best Latte Art. I was impressed with the Latte Art of the swan. The coffee has a medium body, with a medium to low acidity. It has a citrus aroma. The first sip I tasted a little milk chocolate with subsequently fruity note. The coffee was good.

Oh ya, for the FB and Instagram followers, there is a discount too.

Followers' Discount
Followers’ Discount

The bottom line? Farm To Table prepares great food and coffee with a passion. Definitely, a great choice for all. I like the food and the coffee and the ambience and the friendly, warm service from the crews.


Farm To Table
81 Duxton Road Singapore
Tel: +65 6227 7678


Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays 0730 to 2230; Sundays 0730 to 1700

Getting There

By MRT: North-South Line -Tanjong Pagar station

By Bus: alight at the bus stop either before Wallich Road or after Craig Road – 80, 145

Rating: 9/10


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