Noir Art Specialty Coffee At Mackenzie Road, Cafe Cum Micro-Roaster (Closed)

Noir Art Specialty Coffee located near the fringe of Litte India, along Mackenzie Road is a cafe with a micro-roaster. All the coffee served in the cafe is using the beans roasted by the owner of the cafe. If you enjoy the coffee, you can choose to buy the beans home too.

Noir Art Specialty Coffee Cafe Front
Noir Art Specialty Coffee Cafe Front

The cafe is located at the ground floor of a shophouse. It has a very tiny space with only a few seats by a side wall of the cafe and two tables outside the cafe.

Noir Art Specialty Coffee focused is on its coffee so all the food were sourced from either different suppliers through partnership or collaboration. The cafe serves delicious cheesecake, some pastries, sandwiches and some variety of cakes. It has a very simple coffee menu with mainly black, white and espresso coffee. White coffee are coffee with milk that include the standard coffee fare like Latte, Cappuccino and so on. If you order white, the default is Latte. If otherwise, remember to make known to the crew.

Food Menu Board
Food Menu Board


When I was informed by the owner that the cheesecake was imported from Hong Kong, my immediate reaction was a question to the owner, “what’s so special?” I am filled with full of “?”. They told me that their cheesecake unlike the American Cheesecake that are rich with cheese flavour. The selling point was the flavour infused in the cheesecake and it was lighter. As I like cheesecake so I gave it a try.

Food Display Counter
Food Display Counter

When they served me my coffee, I was attracted by the cup. The feel was so earthy, like back to basic. The coffee has medium to low acidity with a medium to full and round body. It has a nutty and chocolaty flavour note. The coffee does has a great balance.

Cappuccino in a lovely Cup
Cappuccino in a lovely Cup

After trying the cheesecake, my verdict was … it was good. It was not as light as the Japanese Cheesecake but not as rich as the American Cheesecake too. It was somewhere in-between. It has a great balance of yuzu and cheese, provided you eat it slowly. You really need to eat it slowly to savour the cake. If you eat it too fast, you will not be able to taste the yuzu but only the cheese. After all, the flavour of cheese is stronger and it tends to stay longer on your palate than the subtle Yuzu. So when you eat it too fast, your palate will eventually has a strong concentration of the cheese while the Yuzu flavour tend to fake away quicky.

My Order, Yuzu Cheesecake and Cappuccino
My Order, Yuzu Cheesecake and Cappuccino

I have a great time at the cafe. I attained lots of learning through my conversation with the owner on the subject of roasting coffee beans. I can sense that the owner of the cafe is very passionate about roasting his beans and I can sense that he is enjoying it very much as well.

Though small it maybe, Noir Art Specialty Coffee serves great coffee and delicious cheesecake imported from Hong Kong. With friendly and chatty owner, it will make your time spend at the cafe enjoyable. I will be back to try their filter coffee soon. It’s the owner cum barista’s forte.


Noir Art Specialty Coffee 黑色藝術精品咖啡
23 Mackenzie Road Singapore 228680


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 0800 to 1800; Saturday 0900 to 1800; Sunday 0930 to 1630

Getting There

By MRT: Northeast line – Little India station

By Bus:
– alight at Little India station along Bukit Timah Road – 48, 56, 57, 66, 67, (131) 166, 170, 851, 960,980
-alight at Selegie Centre – 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 857

Rating: 8.5/10


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