On The Table At Pasir Panjang, Presented By The Lola’s Cafe

On The Table (OTT) at Pasir Panjang is opened by the team behind The Lola’s Cafe. When I got to know about it, I was pretty excited as I like everything about Lola’s Cafe at Simon Road. Most importantly, it is nearer to me. I was looking forward to pop by.

On The Table (OTT) has a very different theme from the Lola’s Cafe. OTT has an industrial feel, cemented wall and floor, the entire cafe looks and feel so cold. There were lots of wooden chairs painted mainly in the sunshine yellow colour, resulting a little more cheerful in the mood.

Though OTT opened as early as 8am, they don’t served food until 11am on weekdays and 10am on weekends. You can find some simple cakes and muffin and beverages during the early hours.

Hummingbird Cake
Hummingbird Cake

There were 3 types of cakes served; Chocolate Brownie, Hummingbird Cake and Raspberry Lemon Curd Muffin. I opted for the latter.

Raspberry Lemon Curd Muffin
Raspberry Lemon Curd Muffin

The Raspberry Lemon Curd Muffin was awesome. It has a good balance of sweetish and sourish taste. A good amount of Raspberry in the muffin too. The Lemon Curd was so good. I realized until I finished the first half of the muffin. It tasted even better when you spread the lemon curd on the top of the muffin and eat it together. The lemon flavour and raspberry flavour blended prefectly together. A must try for any one who likes sweetish sourish tangy berry cakes. It was yummy.

Upside-down Latte Art for Right Handed
Upside-down Latte Art for Right Handed

My coffee, a Cappuccino, once again was served with an upside-down latte art for a right handed. The coffee has a medium body, low acidity. A little nutty hint and lots of citrus flavour notes.

I was comparing the menu of Lola’s and On The Table, there were some similar dishes with a different name and some new dishes in the menu of On The Table.

Food and coffee-wise, the standard of OTT is similar to Lola’s. A great alternative for the cafe-hoppers in the West.


On The Table (OTT)
118 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore 118541
Tel: +65 9780 8094

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday 0800 to 2200 [Food served from 1100 to 2100 on Tue – Fri, 1000 to 2100 on Sat – Sun]; Closed on Mondays

Getting There

By MRT: Circle line – Pasir Panjang station

By Bus: alight at Pasir Panjang station or opposite Currency House along Pasir Panjang Road – 10, 30, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188

Rating: 8/10


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