Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar @ Changi Village, Cafe cum Sport Boutique

Peloton located at Changi Village with Chock Full of Beans as neighbour has a very different concept and theme. It is partially a Sport Boutique, selling different sports products, cum a cafe.

Cafe Interior
Cafe Interior

It is a quite cafe with lots of outdoor seats.

Counter cum Cashier
Counter cum Cashier

It does not have lots of selection of food, except some simple pastries like the Croissants in plain or with chocolate and a Chocolate Tart and Tortilla and a list of beverages, both hot and cold.


Since there wasn’t much choice, my option was limited. I ordered a plain croissant and a cappuccino.

My Order, Croissant & Cappuccino
My Order, Croissant & Cappuccino

The Croissant was served warm with a butter. That was good. It was nothing fanciful nor exceptionally good tasting. It was an average tasting croissants.

As for the coffee, a light roast with a light body, high acidity. Not much of flavour notes or aroma.

Peloton is a quiet cafe. If you are looking for a quiet cafe, far far away from the city, Peloton is one such cafe. It  is good for hanging out with friends.


Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar 
Block 1 Changi Village Road #01-2008 Singapore 500001
Tel: +65 6543 2771

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Thursday 1100 to 1800; Friday 1100 to 2100; Saturday and Sundays 0900 to 1700; Closed on Mondays

Rating: 6/10




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