Delicius Pasticceria In The Newly Re-opened Lau Pa Sat

There are lots of good and new stalls in Lau Pa Sat to try them out, as I have sweet sweet tooth, among the first I tried is the cakes offered by Delicius. I am taking my time to explore and try the rest.

Delicius Pasticceria
Delicius Pasticceria

Delicius is a Japanese-French inspired pasticceria, hailed from Osaka. The cakes over at the display counter were so delicious and enticing looking. I was attracted by the colourful, lovely display. Before I went ahead and get a few pieces home, I saw that they were providing the Pomme Fromage cheesecake for sampling. I tried, I didn’t quite like the texture. It is a little hard and rough. Though the taste of cheese was pretty good, at an acceptable amount.

Takeaway Box
Takeaway Box

After the sampling and some contemplation, I got a total of three pieces home to share with my mom. I need to do a takeaway as I have some desserts earlier at a very exciting and creative shop at Lau Pa Sat earlier. It was The Little Flower Shop Cafe & Bar. You can read more by clicking here.

The three pieces were packed in a small takeaway box. Though it was compact, it was nicely packed. They provided an ice pack and some mini-spoon and were all packed together in the box. But they did not provide serviette.

Fruit and Almond Cream Tart
Fruit and Almond Cream Tart

The Fruit and Almond Cream Tart has a nice cake almond cake tart base. There were some custard between the tart and the fruit which were mainly strawberries. There was a hefty ball of whipped cream. If you like cream, this cake is surely made specially for you. Otherwise, you can remove the whole “lump”. Taste-wise pretty normal, nothing surprising.

Chantilly Cake
Chantilly Cake

The Chantilly cake is basically, what I would call a Strawberry Shortcake. It has a good sponge cake layer and generous strawberry bites. I like this cake as the whipped cream was not overly indulgent.

Banana and Sweet Potato Tart
Banana and Sweet Potato Tart

And finally, this combination is really special, Banana and Sweet Potato. There are approximate three layers in this tart. A biscuit tart based at the bottom, followed by a thin layer of cake and the third layer is a thick layer of Japanese Sweet Potato. Few slices of banana with a small amount (as compared to the amount of cream on the Fruit and Almond Cream Tart). There was mixed review between my mother and myself. My mom quite like this but for me, I am pretty neutral to this tart. I didn’t find it extremely exciting in terms of taste and texture. As the tart was of a biscuit and there was a significant layer of sweet potato, both were hard by nature so in terms of texture-wise, not much of dimension was created. Though there was a layer of cake in between these two layers but was a little too thin to create any effect. The banana and sweet potato flavour didn’t blend together to create something special or exciting either. It was very much independent in taste. So unless you like both sweet potato and banana, this may not be for you.

In short, I find that the cake though pretty looking and there were some innovative creation but somehow it was below expectation. I wouldn’t say that the cake wasn’t delicious, just that after building expectation due to the look and when I taste it, it didn’t match my expectation, somehow I get a little disappointed. Minus off this element, I think the cake are still pretty fine. I suppose there will be various different comments.


Delicius Pasticceria

18 Raffles Quay #01-27 Telok Ayer Festival Market, Lau Pa Sat Singapore 048582

Opening Hours

Daily 1000 to 2100

Getting There

By MRT – East West line or North South line – Raffles Place station

By Bus:
– alight opposite Hotel Sofitel So Singapore along Robinson Road – 10, 10e, 97, 97e, 196, 196e
– alight opposite AIA Tower along Robinson Road – 10, 10e, 70, 75, 100, 107, 128, 130, 162, 196, 196e
– alight at One Raffles Quay along Raffles Quay – 10, 10e, 57, 70, 75, 100, 107, 128, 130, 131, 162, 167, 186, 196, 196e, 700, 970

Rating: 7/10


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