The Tastemaker Store At Havelock Road Offering Delicious Comfort Food

My first impression of The Tastemaker Store at Havelock was simple and sleek and very cosy and comfy cafe. In simple terms, feel like home.

The Tastemaker Store, Cafe Front
The Tastemaker Store, Cafe Front

Thinking that it might be quiet during lunch on a weekday since it is in a neighbourhood but I was wrong. It was almost full.

Cafe Interior
Cafe Interior

The menu is pretty simple and straightforward, offering various local delights with a twist and some western fare.

The Tastemaker Store Menu
The Tastemaker Store Menu

After looking at the menu, I was certain of what I wanted. I was pretty hungry and greedy that day during lunch.

Lemon Curd + Clotted Cream Toast and Soft Boiled Eggs
Lemon Curd + Clotted Cream Toast and Soft Boiled Eggs

I was very interested in the Lemon Curd + Clotted Cream Toast. It was offered as a set which included two soft-boiled eggs and a coffee. The lemon curd toast was very GOOD! Since the bun was cut into half. The top half was not spread with the lemon curd so I dipped it into the eggs after adding a teaspoon of dark soya sauce. It was so nostalgic. This is real COMFORT FOOD. For the bottom half with the lemon curd spread, I spread half with clotted cream. The lemon curd wasn’t too sourish nor sweetish, though on the whole it was on the sourish side. The half without clotted cream tasted very fruity while the other half with clotted cream tasted creamy and fruity. I like both.

Yam Cake
Yam Cake

I am not a Yam Cake fan, since I read various good review of the yam cake so thought of trying it. They are very generous with the ingredients added. Lots of dried shrimps, fried shallots, chinese sausages and they added pumpkin to enhance the sweetness of the yam cake. I prefer it to be a lighter saltier.

My Black Coffee
My Black Coffee

My black coffee that comes with the toast was equally good. It has a full body and low acidity with a good aroma. It was a robust coffee. It taste great even when it got cold.

It was a nice, simple cafe serving delicious comfort food. As I was writing the post, I was craving for the Lemon Curd + Clotted Cream Toast with the soft-boiled eggs. Certainly, I will be back for this yummy yummy food.


The Tastemaker Store
Blk 22 Havelock Road #01-705 Singapore 160022


Opening Hours

Daily 0900 to 2100

Getting There

By MRT: East West line – Tiong Bahru station

By Bus:
– alight at Blk 1 or Blk 18 along Tiong Bahru Road – 5, 16, 33, 63, 123, 195, 851

– alight at Blk 2B along Zion Road – 175, 970

– alight opposite Harvest Mansion along Ganges Avenue –  64, 186

– alight at Granges Centre along Ganges Avenue – 51, 64, 186

Rating: 8/10


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