Yum Cha At Pier 88, Tao Heung Restaurant, Mongkok

In London, you would want to join the Brit for an afternoon tea and while you in Hong Kong, a good way to immerse into their way of life is to join the local for a “morning tea”. In Chinese, it is know as Yum Cha. When it was translated literally, it’s means drinking tea.

Yum Cha is a typical culture of Hong Konger. This activity is popular among the senior folks. Go to the restaurant as early as it opens and choose a small table enough to fit just the few of you if you do not wish to share table with other strangers. But since this is a culture, I would encourage all to try this instead.

Pier 88, Tao Heung Restaurant Signage before the lift
Pier 88, Tao Heung Restaurant Signage before the lift

I went to the Tao Heung Restaurant, otherwise known as Pier 88 restaurant, at Mongkok with a friend and her daughter. We reached the restaurant at about 7.30 am. By this time, all the tables were already occupied and we spotted only one big empty table good for 10 diners. So later it was shared with two other groups of diner.

Restaurant Interior
Restaurant Interior

In Tao Heung, to order your food, you will be given a few slips (about 4 slips) of menu to tick your option. Once you are done, hand it to the crew. A point to note, you might want to remember what you order as they don’t place the confirmation order slip on the table.

As usual, I am always greedy when it comes to food. I started ticking on the paper and wasn’t aware of the amount ordered. Luckily this time, someone was around to stop my bad habit.

The first dish to serve was the fish cake. The texture was bouncy. We can taste a good amount of fresh fish flavour. With corn added, it sweeten the entire dish.

Fish Cake with corn
Fish Cake with corn

The next to serve was the steamed rice. The rice texture was just nice, not be hard nor soft. It has subtle chicken flavour in the rice.

Chicken Steamed Rice
Chicken Steamed Rice

The chicken feet though very flavourful but I find that the texture was not soft enough. It was still a little hard. I prefer a softer texture.

Braised Chicken Feet
Braised Chicken Feet

As for the rice roll, it was a thin and smooth layer of rice wrap skin. A generous amount of char siew, barbecue pork, in the filling.

Tao Heung - Char Siew Rice Roll

The Har Gao (prawn dumpling) has a chewy skin wrap. I find the skin a little too thick.

Har Gao (Prawn Dumpling)
Har Gao (Prawn Dumpling)

The finale was the Char Siew Bao. It was delicious. The bun bread was fluffy, sweetish and soft. The sauce was rich, flavourful. It was an excellent Char Siew Bao.

Char Siew Bun
Char Siew Bun

In a nutshell, Tao Heung Restaurant, otherwise known as Pier 88, is a good restaurant for morning tea, to have a feel of the life of Hong Konger. Early birds are rewarded with a smaller bill as the price is lower before 12pm. The pricing is dependent on the timing. One more point to note, you need to have some time and patience for the food to be served as it is pretty slow. So if you are rushing for time, this place is not suitable.


Pier 88 – Tao Heung Restaurant (稻香超级渔港)
639 Nathan Road, Shop B, 3/F Grand Tower, Mongkok
Tel: +852 8300 8192

Opening Hours

Daily: 7am – 2am

Getting There

By MTR: Mong Kok (Exit E1)

Rating: 7.5/10


For other outlets, check out here


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