Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant (金山海鲜酒家) In Yau Ma Tei

As one of my Singapore colleague, for your information, is a guy, was craving for seafood, our colleague from Hong Kong took us to Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant at Yau Ma Tei.  Kam Shan has two outlets. The main outlet is in Yau Ma Tei while the other is in Jordan.

Shop Front
Shop Front

The shop is a little rundown, not at all classy or comfortable. Some may not be comfortable with the setup. They occupied about 3 levels.

Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant serve typical Cantonese Styled food with main focus on seafood items. They do have other non-seafood selection as well. All the menu were in Chinese. I didn’t see any English menu available.

Steamed Chicken
Steamed Chicken

We ordered a steamed chicken. It is pretty normal though the meat was considered to be soft and tender. I find it a little too bland. They have provided some innards too. That was delicious.

The soup and its ingredients were served separately. We ordered a chicken feet soup. As they have added a number sweet ingredients to sweeten the soup so it was pretty sweet. One of my colleague find it a little too sweet to the extend he find the taste weird. It was acceptable to me. They only have one type of soup each day. It is listed on the menu.


We ordered a crayfish as well. According to the service crew, this is the Chef Specialty. It was garlicky and salty. We enjoyed this dish very much.

Steamed Garoupa in Cantonese Style
Steamed Garoupa in Cantonese Style

The last to be served was the Steamed Garoupa in Cantonese Style. It was very fresh and the sauce was great.

Green Bean Soup Dessert
Green Bean Soup Dessert

Finally, a complimentary green bean soup dessert was served. I don’t usually like green bean soup. It is not something I will order. But I find this very delicious. It has some tangy flavour in the green bean soup and the sweetness level was perfect.


Kam Shan Seafood Restaurant (金山海鲜酒家)
G/F, 62-68 Woo Sung Street, Yau Ma Tei
Tel: +852 2332 7366

Opening Hours

Daily 1700 to 0300

Getting There

By MTR: Jordan (Exit A)

Rating: 7/10


Other Outlet:
7/F, Chuang’s London Plaza, 219 Nathan Road, Jordan
Tel: +852 2376 3288
Opening Hours: Daily 1100 to 1600; 1800 to 0000
Getting There: By MTR – Jordan (Exit C1)



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