Cong Sao Dessert In Causeway Bay

One of our colleague in Hong Kong recommended Cong Sao Dessert in Causeway Bay to us. She highly recommended it so I went to find out for myself.

Causeway Bay Shop
Causeway Bay Shop

We took a little bit of time figuring out where exactly Yiu Wa Street was. When we arrived at the dessert shop, it wasn’t as crowded as we were informed. And that’s good news. We need not wait and we could find a seat.

Cong Shao Dessert Menu
Cong Shao Dessert Menu

After browsing the menu, we decided on two dessert. One of which was seen on most table when we were there.

Coconut & Dragoneyed Iced (龙眼椰果冰)
Coconut & Dragoneyed Iced (龙眼椰果冰)

Both dessert were served almost at the same time, with one coming after another, a few seconds apart. We decided to try the Coconut & Dragoneyed Iced first as this is lighter in taste as compared to the Durain.

The Coconut & Dragoneyed Iced has a subtle Longan flavour. I couldn’t really taste the coconut but somehow I think the coconut helped to enhance the taste of longan instead.

Durain Crystal Seeds (榴莲水晶珠)
Durain Crystal Seeds (榴莲水晶珠)

Next, which is also the last, we tried was the Durian Crystal Seeds. It has a good amount of Durian flavour, likewise it is subtle. The durian taste was not strong enough. I prefer it having a stronger taste.

In general, the dessert has a lighter subtle flavour, not the strong robust type and it is not too sweet as well. If this is your preference. Cong Sao Dessert is for you.


Cong Sao Dessert (聰嫂私房甜品)
G/F, 11 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2278 2622

Opening Hours

Daily 1230 to 0300

Getting There

By MTR: Causeway Bay (Exit A)

Rating: 7/10


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