Little Kingdom Dessert In Mongkok

Little Kingdom Dessert is round the corner of the hotel that I was staying. It is a tiny shop with only a handful of tables and stools in the shop and a few outside the shop.

Shop Interior
Shop Interior

The menu selection when compared to the shop is relatively huge. The selection looks very different from the usual offering from other dessert shop. It looks exciting and delish.

I went with a friend so we decided to order one each and share.

Mango Roll
Mango Roll

My friend chose the Mango Roll. Mango and whipped cream were rolled rice sheet like that were made of coconut instead of rice flour. When we saw the presentation, we regretted ordering this as both of us don’t like whipped cream. Nevertheless, we went ahead and try. Surprisingly, the amount of whipped cream was not over abundantly. On the contrary, it was at a perfect amount. Both of us could accept and to the extend, we find it very good.

Durian Napaleon
Durian Napaleon

As both of us like durian very much, we ordered a Durian Napaleon. It was made up of two layers. In each layer, there were both durian and custard cream. We prefer having only durian mousse and no custard so that the durian taste is stronger.

If you like to try some new desserts, Little Kingdom Desserts is a great choice offering a modern fusion twist.


Little Kingdom Dessert(小皇國甜品)
G/F., 36A Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok
Tel: +852 3428 2282

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 1500 to 0200; Friday – Saturday 1500 to 0300; Sundays 1400 to 0200

Getting There

By MTR: Mongkok (Exit E1)

Rating: 7.5/10


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