Ji Zhi Hao Congee and Noodle Cafe, 極之好粥面茶餐厅, In Mongkok

There isn’t an English name for 極之好粥面茶餐厅. Based on the pronunciation I came up with the English name, Ji Zhi Hao Congee and Noodle Cafe.

They serve a wide range of food. There are rice, noodles, congee, pasta and … You can even order some Cantonese styled food item that aren’t on the menu.

Claypot Fish Congee
Claypot Fish Congee

As it was raining and we wanted some warm comfort food, so we decided to order a congee. The service crew recommended their signature dish, Claypot Fish Porridge. We find the fish porridge a little fishy. They added ginger trying to mask to unpleasant taste but was unsuccessful. In addition, we find it a little too briny as well.

Beef Hor Fun
Beef Hor Fun

We like the Beef Hor Fun (Beef Rice Noodle). The rice noodle was with a slim breadth and the thick thickness. It was soft and with very slight chewiness, quite an interesting texture. It has a flavourful fermented soya sauce and it wasn’t too salty. We enjoyed the Beef Hor Fun more than the Claypot Fish Porridge.

Ji Zhi Hao Congee and Noodle Cafe (極之好粥面茶餐厅) is a typical Hong Kong styled cafe serving decent food at an affordable price. Not a bad choice if you were in the area.


G/f, 154 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok
Tel: +852 2394 8414

Opening Hours


Getting There

By MTR: Mongkok (Exit B3)

Rating: 6.5/10


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