Chuen Moon Kee Restaurant (铨满记餐厅小厨), Yummy Claypot Rice

Chuen Moon Kee Restaurant (铨满记餐厅小厨) is right behind the office cum the hotel I was staying. As we will be working late on one particular night, we need to have dinner nearby so we decided to check it out at Chuen Moon Kee Restaurant.

The restaurant has some claypot with more usual ingredients like prawns, eel, abalone and etc. It came as a set with a plate of vegetable and a small pot of soup of the day. We chose a Glass Noodle with Prawn Claypot rice (金银蒜粉丝开虾煲仔饭) and a Eel Claypot Rice (古法黄鳝煲仔饭).


The soup was great, very flavourful. All the essence from the ingredients were absorbed into the soup.

Stirred Fried Mixed Vegetables
Stirred Fried Mixed Vegetables

We ordered an additional vegetable though the set came with a plate of greens. The stirred Fried Mixed Vegetables has a variety of vegetables such as capsicum, olive, zucchini, broccoli, celery, onions and one other which I can’t identify together with some slices of chinese sausages. I like the variety of greens but I didn’t like the oiliness.

The claypot was yummy. I like especially the Glass Noodle with Prawn Claypot Rice. The glasss noodle with rice gave an extra fragrance.

All should try Chuen Moon Kee Restaurant claypot, highly recommended to everyone.


Chuen Moon Kee Restaurant (銓滿記餐廳小廚)
G/F, Man Fok Building, 419 Reclamation Street, Mong Kok
Tel: +852 3760 8855

Opening Hours

Daily 0700 to 0000

Getting There

By MTR: Mongkok (Exit C4)

Rating: 9/10

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