Lau Sum Kee, Famous Bamboo Kneaded Noodles, Sham Shui Po

Lau Sum Kee is fame for its noodles made in the traditional methods, kneaded with a bamboo. This method is said to produce very bouncy noodles. They are one of the few noodle shops serving noodles made in such traditional method.


The other fame is the Prawn Roe noodles (虾子面). I read lots of blog with excellent review so I must try it with my foodie family members. I suggested to my aunt and her hubby to try them out

They served a very much focus menu with noodles and prawn roe and if you like with other ingredients such as pig trotters, dumpling, beef briskets, fish balls or mixed-and-matched. Tehy also have rice noodles as an option.

Since we are there, the Prawn Roe noodles is a must try. We ordered a plate for sharing. And we ordered a Wonton Soup and a Fish Ball Rice Noodle. All for sharing.

Famous Har Zi (Prawn Roes) Noodle
Famous Har Zi (Prawn Roes) Noodle

We find the noodes in the Prawn Roe Noodles a bit too dry. My guess is that to keep the noodle bouncy, it can’t absorb too much liquid, otherwise it will turn soggy. The noodle is indeed very bouncy till I think it will be difficult for the old folks to swallow. The noodle doesn’t have great taste. It tasted as natural as the noodles. I personally find the prawn roe a little fishy. I am very sensitive to the fishy taste.

Fishball Hor Fun (Rice Noodle)
Fishball Hor Fun (Rice Noodle)

As for the Fishball Rice Noodle. There were some oyster sauce by the side for mixing with the noodles. Likewise, the taste was not fantastic. The fishball was pretty good. It was bouncy with a good amount of fish taste.

Wonton (Dumpling) Soup
Wonton (Dumpling) Soup

Lastly, the Wonton, it was delicious with a thin skin wrapped and meaty prawn and minced meat. Just that we find it a little too salty.

It was a pity that both the soup for the fishball and wonton tasted similar. We suspect it was from the same pot of soup.

Finally, our thoughts … The bamboo kneaded noodles was of a high quality noodles. But unfortunately, it was with no excellent sauce to go along with the noodles. We would prefer if they have different soup base for the fishballs and wonton. The soup base could be better. My conclusion, it was a little too over-rated.

Lau Sum Kee Noodle (劉森記麵家)
G/F, 48 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po
Tel: +852 2386 3533

Opening Hours

Daily 1200 to 0100

Getting There

By MTR: Sham Shui Po (Exit D2)

Rating: 7/10


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