Shui Wah Restaurant, Famous Roast Pigeon In Sha Tin [Closed]

Shui Wah Restaurant is located in the Sha Tin territory, more specifically, it is located in Tai Wai, and it is very accessible by MTR as it is next to the MTR station.

Restaurant Front
Restaurant Front

The Restaurant serves some famous Sha Tin Cuisines. And the highlight is the Roasted Pigeon.


The highlight at Shui Wah Restaurant was Roast Pigeon so how can we not order this dish. It has a very crispy skin and tender meat. This was my first time savouring pigeon meat. I like the unique taste. It tasted somehow like duck but has a stronger taste. The pigeon is about twenty plus centimetres in length, not very big.

Shui Wah Restaurant - Roast Pigeon

We were recommended the Pigeon Eggs as well. The service crew said it was rare to have Pigeon Eggs. Anyway, I like eggs. Pigeon Eggs tasted differently from Chicken Eggs. The yolk tasted the same, it was the white that was different. The white was soft and a little, very little, chewiness.

Pigeon Eggs
Pigeon Eggs

As we were there for lunch, we ordered two other dishes. A Braised Tofu with Preserved Vegetable and a Braised Eel in Claypot.

The tofu was pretty smooth and tasty. And it was a little sweet as they used the sweet Preserved Vegetables.

Braised Tofu with Preserved Vegetables
Braised Tofu with Preserved Vegetables

The Braised Eel was great as well but I am not used to eating fishes with lots of tiny bones so I did not enjoy the dish. Nevertheless, it was a tasty delicious dish.

Braised Eel in Claypot
Braised Eel in Claypot

We were served complimentary Beancurd. I never enjoyed Beancurd but I tried it. The Beancurd was very smooth as well. I saw some diners added some reddish orange sugar to the beancurd and I tried this method of eating. If you like the crunchy sugar crystal bites, this option is a nice way of eating. I still prefer with syrup. But what was provided was rather dilute so not very sweet at all.



Overall, the food served in Shui Wah Restaurant was of high quality and tasty. If you are at Sha Tin and if you are interested in Roasted Pigeon, do popped by Shui Wah Restaurant. We have a sumptuous filling lunch. So much so till we have a very late dinner.


Shui Wah Restaurant (萃華酒家)
51 Tsuen Nam Road, Tai Wai
Tel: +852 2606 7117

Opening Hour

Daily 1100 to 2300

Getting There

By MTR: Tai Wai (Exit A)

Rating: 8/10


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    1. Hi Deanna,
      I am so sorry to have missed out on your comment. Thanks for dropping a note at my blog.

      Oh, talking about Hong Kong, is all about good food and wonderful shopping. Though I have visited Hong Kong many times but I still want more of Hong Kong. And I am planning a trip with my Mom to this food and shopping paradise again.

      And you have a fabulous blog.

      NAHMJ (Michelle)

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