Day 1 Holiday In Hong Kong, In July 2014

After my 2-weeks work in Hong Kong, as there is a Public Holiday, Hari Raya Puasa in Singapore, I decided to extend my stay in Hong Kong, capitalising on the opportunity to have a short holiday, a total of 4 days. And most importantly, my aunt and her hubby were joining me for the first 3 days. That was perfect. My aunt and uncle decided to arrive at Hong Kong, on a Saturday at about 10 am.

Parallelly, while they were travelling to Hong Kong, I explore Hong Kong a little. I planned to have breakfast at Brunch. I took the Mid-level escalator and found the MTR Fare Saver station. As I have never ventured this far so have been missing on the fare saving opportunity. So all, please walk a little further and look out for this station. The station is along the stretch of Hollywood Road.

After tapping my card on the machine, I moved on. When I reached the section at Shelly Street, I realised it was pouring so waited for the rain to stop.

Mid-Level Escalator Operating Hours
Mid-Level Escalator Operating Hours

5 minutes before 8 am, the rain kinda stop, and I got to Brunch Club for my breakfast. I ordered my favourite Cappuccino and Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon.

Once I was done with my breakfast, I went New Blue Pool Restaurant, gotten a Bolo Bun for takeaway, to eat it later.

New Blue Pool Bakery & Cafe
New Blue Pool Bakery & Cafe

It was almost time to meet my aunt and uncle. After they left their luggage in the hotel, we went to Tai Hing as they need breakfast.

Then we moved on to Sha Tin for our Day 1. Our first place of visit at Sha Tin was the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. As we reached Homesquare, near the entrance to the Temple. it started pouring heavily. While we waited for the rain to stop, we roam around Homesquare, walked through Ikea and finally took our rest at Pacific Coffee with some Coffee of course and a Lemon Tart.

Pacific Coffee Company @ Homesquare, Sha Tin -  Our Order
Pacific Coffee Company @ Homesquare, Sha Tin – Our Order

After quite a long wait, the rain stopped and we could start our “journey” to the temple. It took us a while to find “that” path that lead to the temple. The path is by the side of Homesquare. There are some sign hung on the fence, right side, pointing the direction.

Path to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple
Path to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple

That not so obvious path will lead you to the start of meeting the Ten Thousand Buddhas Statue.

Start of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Statues
Start of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Statues

And many more awesome statues to come.

Once you reached the middle level, you will see a temple.

If you will, climb further to the top and you get to see more.

You will get a great view of Sha Tin as well when you are at the top level. And we started our descend back to Sha Tin MTR via another path. Our next destination was Snoopy World, outside New Town Plaza. As it was pouring earlier, the place was closed. It was quite a shame. Anyway, we still took some photos outside.

Time for lunch, our stomach though not rumbling but we wanted to savour the famous Roast Pigeon since we were in Sha Tin. I found two famous restaurant in Sha Tin serving the fame Roast Pigeon, one was a little further from Homesquare and the other was closer to Tai Wai MTR station and we chose the latter. We went to Shui Wah Restaurant.

Shui Wah Restaurant - Roast Pigeon

After trying the first time, I like the taste of Roast Pigeon.

Our stomach were bursting from lunch so we decided to walk to Mongkok from Kowloon Tong MTR station. Me and my uncle has a diverting view on the route we should be taking. I proposed to walk next to the track of East Rail line while my uncle wanted to walked along Waterloo. Anyway, I relented. We walked along Waterloo Road. There wasn’t great view, only schools and more schools and it was a longer walk then my suggestion. Anyway …

Finally, we reached Prince Edward, strolled along Fa Yuen and by now we were very tire and needed some rest so we decided to head back to the hotel for some rest before dinner. Before going back to the hotel, we have the Godiva Chocolate Soft Ice Cream. I like this ice cream very much. How I wish, this ice cream is found in the Godiva counteroutlet in Singapore.

Godiva Soft Chocolate Ice Cream
Godiva Soft Chocolate Ice Cream

Our dinner was at Lau Sum Kee at Sham Shui Po for famous Prawn Roe Noodle with the noodles kneaded the traditional way using bamboo.

Famous Har Zi (Prawn Roes) Noodle
Famous Har Zi (Prawn Roes) Noodle

After dinner, we needed some sleep so went back to the hotel, to recharge for Day 2.

Click to read Day 2 and Day 3.

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