Cafe Habitu, The Table At Wan Chai

I happened to pass by Cafe Habitu, The Table at Wan Chai and finally I got the chance to try. I have been missing it for several reasons.

The cafe has a mixed of modern and some vintage element cum industrious element. I like the design. They offered free WiFi for diner as well.

Caffe Habitu has a very interesting menu, which looks like a magazine.

Cakes Display
Cakes Display

The cake display counter was also very beautiful and it was enticing.

My Order, Pearl, Lychee Mouse Cake
My Order, Pearl, Lychee Mouse Cake

I ordered the Pearl which is a Lychee Mouse with some lychee bites in the center as it has a very sweet pink. It was a pity that the mousse didn’t have good lychee taste. It tasted only sweet, unless you manage to bite the lychee.

My Order, Ooloon Tea Latte
My Order, Oolong Tea Latte

For a change, I have a Oolong Tea Latte instead but somehow it tasted like Cappuccino. Not sure what went wrong. Anyway.

The ambience was great in the afternoon, quiet and there is WiFi for me to enjoy browsing the internet while enjoying my tea at Cafe Habitu.


Caffe Habitu, The Table
G/F, 10 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2527 8999

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 0800 to 2200; Sunday & Public Holiday 0900 to 2130

Getting There

By MTR: Wan Chai

Rating: 7.5/10

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