Yung Kee Restaurant At Central, Fame Roast Goose and Century Egg

I am certain that most are familiar or even a fan of Yung Kee, but I still want to write a post on them as I just feel like it, wanting to share my thoughts. 😛

Roast Meat 2 Mixed, Roast Goose & BBQ Pork
Roast Meat 2 Mixed, Roast Goose & BBQ Pork

It’s a well known fact that Yung Kee serves great Roast Goose, flavourful with crispy skin. I enjoy their roast goose as well but the BBQ Pork is not as great as their Roast Goose. That’s really a pity.

Century Egg
Century Egg

The other must have, for those who are adventurous, do try the Century Egg. It is excellent. It has the perfect texture for both the egg “white” and especially the yolk. It is semi runny. Awesome.

Stirred Fried Choi Sam
Stirred Fried Choi Sam

The greens were pretty crispy and fresh. The colour are still bright greeny. After all, still very much normal, as usual greens.

I like the Steamed Garlic Prawns. The taste was wonderful, garlicky and tasty.

My conclusion, Yung Kee is a great restaurant to indulge in as the food are not cheap though good. There are roast and greens that are as good as Yung Kee at a lesser price. I guess is the ambience and the brand that we are paying as well.

One tip from my observation. If you choose to dine after 6.45 pm, true especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, do make reservation, otherwise prepare to wait. If you do not have any reservation, walk-in best time is before 6.15 pm.


Yung Kee Restaurant (鏞記酒家)
32-40 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: +852 2522 1624

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 1100 to 2300; Closed on the 1st 3 days of Chinese New Year

Rating: 8/10


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