First Day In Hong Kong In August 2014

I was back to Hong Kong in August again. Once again, my exploration time started.

It was the first time that I took pictures of the food on the plane. I have the fried vermicelli with honey glazed pork. The other option for breakfast was omelette.

Brunch on Plane
Brunch on Plane

Soon, I arrived at Hong Kong. Very Quickly after I have checked in, I can’t wait to start my day in Hong Kong. Since it was around lunch time, I needed food. I checked out Kam’s Roasted Goose at Wan Chai.

Kam's Roast Goose - Interior

After lunch, I popped by Stone Nullah Lane to pay a visit to the famous Blue House and some historical sites in that area.

The Blue House is a building, till this day is with occupancy. There are some interesting shops. The first was the Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic @ Stone Nullah Lane
Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic @ Stone Nullah Lane

And next, I saw the Hong Kong House of Stories.

I left my “footprint” in the House as well.

Leaving my "print" behind
Leaving my “print” behind

Walked a little further, saw the Stone Nullah Lane Park and next to it, is the Pak Tai Temple.

Then I walked towards the direction of Sheung Wan, passed by Wan Chai Post Office.

Stopped by Caffe Habitu for Tea and enjoyed a piece of cake.


Next, headed for Hong Kong Monetary Museum at Level 55 of IFC Office Tower 2. My intention wasn’t to understand the history but more for the view. I found out that it has very scenic view of Hong Kong from the museum.

Interesting Architecture
Interesting Architecture

The lift lobby is at the ground floor. Getting into the museum is free but you need to exchange for an entry pass at the lobby using a photo ID.

Lobby to Hong Kong Monetary Museum @ Ground Floor of IFC
Lobby to Hong Kong Monetary Museum @ Ground Floor of IFC

Look at the view. It was indeed great. A tip, it is better to go in the morning as the museum is facing West. So when in the afternoon, the sun will shine into the museum and you won’t be able to capture good photos of the view.

Once I was done with the photo taking, I went to PMQ. PMQ is a very interesting place with lots of small shops selling some very unique, artisty items. There are two blocks, parallel to each other with a link joining to each other at level 4. PMQ occupied the site of an historical building. For more information, click here.

There was a promotion, giving away some what I called the Panda Bear Stickers. If you were aware, in July, there was thousands of Mache Paper Panda Bears visiting all parts of Hong Kong and finally took rest at PMQ. This was a continuation of the activity after the Panda Bears have returned “home”.

Panda Bear Stickers
Pandan Bear Stickers

It was dinner time and I went La Marmite Bistrot for a French 3-course dinner before heading back to hotel for a good night rest, to prepare to get back to work on the weekend with hectic work scheudle.


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